Get the LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad for $25

In the past, a mouse pad was virtually required to use a computer mouse. The early mouse used a small hard rubber ball that would roll as the mouse was moved. This turned small wheels inside the mouse, which sent signals to a computer representing the distance moved. The computer’s software would use this data to move the mouse cursor in a corresponding fashion on the computer screen. The mouse pad was needed to provide a surface that the rubber ball could grip enough to move. Today, the computer optical mouse is designed with an optical sensor, instead of a rubber ball. The optical sensor can “see” the surface it is moving across, sensing the direction the mouse is moving. In many cases, a mouse pad is no longer needed. There’s no rubber ball that needs to grip the surface to move.

LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad

However, if the mouse is being used on a semi or fully reflective surface, a mouse pad may still be needed. On a reflective surface, the optical sensor would basically only see itself on the surface since the surface would be reflecting an image of the optical sensor. This causes the sensor to not know what direction the mouse is moving. Using a mouse pad would allow the sensor to detect the surface movement and direction.

LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mouse PadLUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad

Despite the reduced need for a mouse pad, gamers often experience difficulty using a mouse while gaming especially where the surface is rough and hard. Thus, mouse pad still comes in handy. The Luxcoms RGB gaming mouse is one of such with a large foldable surface that not only fits the mouse but also the keyboard. LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad comes with a size of 31.5×11.8 inches, providing enough space for professional gaming and office work. The pad has an anti-slip rubber base while it has a soft cloth surface. The cloth surface ensures precise and accurate mouse control with consistent stability on your desk. The pad is accented on the edges with attractive colourful lighting. The lighting uses Super Glow fiber -Chroma customizable light and has none modes. The modes include red, dark blue, yellow, green, pink, white, ice blue, rainbow and breathing colour.

LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad

We must add that the mouse pad is ultra-smooth surface designed to provide precise navigation and optimize your gaming experience. The mouse pad is presently available on Amazon for $25. Buy using the button above.


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