Get The Alfawise KS1 Smart Home Universal Remote Controller At $11.99

The universal remote control is one of the most necessary devices. By which you can control your infrared and radio devices from your smartphone remotely outside your home. The Alfawise KS1 Smart Home Universal Remote Controller is one of the best product by which you can easily get your home in your hand.

Alfawise KS1

Alfawise delivers exciting and dynamic home technology. It combines premium design language, smart design and essential home ideas for less.

Specifications Of Alfawise KS1 Smart Home Universal Remote Controller

Temperature Sensing 

Alfawise KS1

The Alfawise KS1 can detect the ambient temperature when the temperature reaches the set value can turn on or off the corresponding electrical appliances (air conditioner, heating system, humidifier, etc.).

Automatically Turn Off & On Air Conditioner

Alfawise KS1

If your AC temperature reaches to 29-degree Celsius, then the AC will turn on automatically, and if the temperature reaches below 26-degrees Celsius than it will automatically turn off. Just set the settings to your smartphone and you can enjoy a comfortable night.

Timing Function 

Alfawise KS1

You can also set time to open air conditioner, not afraid to miss the wonderful TV program; timed off, power saving, but also scientifically control children to watch TV games and so on.

Different Scene Mode

Alfawise KS1

By Alfawise KS1 you can set various modes, such as going home, leaving home, sleeping, watching the ball, looking after children and other modes, click the corresponding mode to control the electrical operation added in the mode.

Easy Operations

Alfawise KS1

Scan the QR code to download the app on your smartphone, then power the
Alfawise KS1 Smart Home Universal Remote Controller, and add the device to the app and begin using it. You can also set the combination, one button to open, adjust or close the combination of electrical appliances.

Main Highlights

  • Smart Control.
  • Easy App Control.
  • 8-15m IR Control Distance.
  • Amazon Alexa Voice Support.
  • Supports 80,000+ IR Control Home Devices.

The Alfawise KS1 Smart Home Universal Remote Controller is currently available on Gearbest Flash Sale at $11.99. So hurry up and buy this Smart Home Universal Remote Controller by Alfawise and control your IR devices from your smartphone.

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