XT Guide: How to get started with Software Development?

Leaning a programming language is not the only step towards software development. Even there are quite a lot of steps which are behind it. So in case if you are wondering how to get started with software development then I am here to answer the question for you.

Coding software is one of the main steps in software development. But there are also quite a lot of other steps which you have to consider too. However, in case if you have no freaking idea about those steps. I am going to share the steps which most of the software companies like uses.

Then let me guide you through them:

How to get started with Software Development?

Analyze the problem:

The first step is to analyze the problem. Ask yourself why are you building the software and what’s the needs.

Once you have figured out the problem, the next step is to understand all the requirements that your software will need. For example, which frameworks you have to use, which technologies will be used. What programming language you will be using to develop the software and so on.

Moreover, you also have to consider all the challenges that you may face while developing the software. And how you can be prepared for them. In short, you have to plan for everything.

Design the Program

The next step is to design the program. In this stage, you will have to touch the coding part. But not at a large scale. Before you complete coding the whole project you have to make a design to validate if things are working for you.

Even, this part also includes parts like the input-process-output chart, process analysis, flowcharts, hierarchy models and so on.

Moreover, in case, if you are building the software for someone else. Then this is the step where you showcase the software to your client and ask them if everything is okay or not. Also, if they require any changes you have to make them at this step only.

Code the Program

Now that you are sure that your program works or your client have approved the project. Its time to complete the project. In this step, you come up with the fully working version of the software. Make sure that the software is completed and it is doing what it supposed to do.

Test the Software

You never know what kind of bugs your software has. Hence before you start using your software or hand over the software to your client. Make sure to test it.

You have to look for any bugs that your software has and fix them. So the user will have a maximum great experience. Also, if you are selling softwares to customers, then you do not want a brand impression on yourself.

Implement the Software

Once you are done making the software completely bug free, its time to implement the software. The implementing process depends on what type of application you have created. If it is a server based software, then you have to implement it on the server only.  Similarly, if it is a web based server, then you have to implement on a web server. Or if it is a network based software then implement it on a network.


In the end, you have to take care of the software too. You have to release an update of the software from time to time. Also while using the software, if the user faces any issues. Then you have to eliminate those issues and make sure your client is getting maximum user experience. Also, you have to think of bringing more and more features to your software. 

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