Geekmaxi Big Christmas Sale Offers Up To 50% OFF Discount and Coupons

One of the most beautiful holidays of the year is inexorably coming and is announcing the Christmas Sale and the best deals on the occasion. Here we find a variety of smartwatches, bracelets, phones, robotic vacuum cleaners, electric scooters, bikes, headsets, drones, and much more great technology. GeekMaxi has prepared a great variety of offers, and promotions and discounts of up to 50% will last for a few days: December 16th – 26th.

In Limited Offer (limited offers) you will find 6 products that have an extra gift! So here you will find the Xiaomi ROIDMI NEX wireless vacuum cleaner with a shipping bag of $375.99, the Xiaomi JIMMY JV53 Plus wireless vacuum cleaner with two batteries at $209, the Xiaomi Dreame V9 Anti-Acaroid wireless vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter at $172.99, the Xiaomi JIMMY JV83 Plus Wireless Vacuum Cleaner with Two Batteries at 257.99 €, the Tronsmart Element Force 40W Wireless Speaker with Carry Case at 51,99 € and the KUGOO S1 with Special Case for your Mobile at 259.99 €.

At Hot Sales, you will find products that for the price they have, I believe they sell a lot! So here you will find Xiaomi’s robotic and cordless vacuum cleaners, Xiaomi’s professional ion-free hairdryer, Kugoo electric skates, Vorke notebook, Xiaomi kitchen appliances, a great handheld vacuum cleaner from the Xiaomi. We continue with the category of Sports & Outdoor, where you will find plenty of electric bikes, scooters, and roller skates, and you will find Xiaomi’s very good fitness track, because of good sweets, but if left out … we need to get it ready for summer!

We must-have a category for listening to music or for the outdoors. And what do I mean… Wireless headphones and speakers, accessories for the holidays, but also for driving, at least for me, and I’m talking about wireless headphones! Choose and get them before the holidays! Also here you will find two PSP slot machines, with very good features, to take as a gift either to yourself, to your child!

to help out as Santa Claus as I said at the beginning, the RG350 512M / 16GB console has a 3.5 IP IPS display, with a 2500mAh battery that supports all kinds of games, with thetcLsddVC coupon, you will get it for just €74.99! The very good Also Haylou GT1 cordless headphones with 310mAh battery charger, BT 5.0, Siri, and Google Voice Assistant XiaoAi, 12 hours continuous use 6 or watch movies in succession, IPX5 certification, for only €20.99! In such headphones Believe are always useful and when they are so cheap, they are essential!

In the More Recommend category, where from here I will highlight Xiaomi’s 32-inch TV, where you will find it under 200 €! I think this price is worth it! In this category I would like to point out a new robotic vacuum cleaner that has emerged, the Proscenic 800T, with a suction power of 2000Pa, that is very loud and quiet, which is worth considering if you are looking for a robotic vacuum cleaner. Fact In, Geekmaxi gives you the opportunity to get it even cheaper, using the 6vpip4Wq coupon, for just €152.99. I have to say, as the owner of two robotic vacuum cleaners, they are really needed at home and they will get your hands on it … listen to me!

The Geekmaxi Christmas Sale offer is one type of offer you don’t want to miss. Considering that the offer covers all aspects of life-giving you amazing deals and prices. Take a look at GeekMaxi ‘s many offers and you are sure to not miss out. Also, do not forget that all orders come from his German warehouse, so he is 100% sure no customs!…

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