(Best Selection) Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner for $149 on Geekbuying

If you are exhausted with household chores because besides being tedious, they take up a lot of your time, the Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner could be of your interest. This is a small robot that can help you with domestic cleaning tasks, freeing you from them while he takes care of leaving the floor of the house completely clean.

The Xiaomi Xiaowa, also called Youth Edition, can be considered the Lite version of the Xiaomi Vacuum models. But we can notice the difference in the cheapness of its price. In addition, it has obtained a very high valuation of 93 points out of 100 for purchase pages where they declare that 92% of its users feel satisfied or very satisfied with this product.

For that reason we bring you an excellent Geekbuying promotion that cannot be missed:

Buy Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner for $149 on Geekbuying

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner for $149 on Geekbuying

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Design

It is small, comfortable, practical and attractive with a circular design that allows it to reach intricate places easily. Xiaomi wanted to make this model more silent, and that’s why they have made the duct as aerodynamic as possible. Now with a trumpet-shaped design, it favors high pressure and low noise.

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Design

This device comes in a white color with measures of 13.9 x 13.78 x 3.56 inches and does not exceed 3.0000 kg. In the upper part, it has three buttons and indicators to show the state of the battery. Through the central button, the robot is activated and the cleaning begins; the one on the left, serves to switch to the concentrated cleaning mode, and the one on the right, to send the robot to its base.

The robot has a side brush and a central brush, which combines rubber and bristles, for a better cleaning. Its V shape minimizes the risk of winding and is easy to clean and maintain. On the other hand, it is gentle and careful with the floors to avoid scratching them.

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Design

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Functions

It has artificial intelligence and thanks to that it can control itself or follow your commands. Xiaowa Lite is designed to detect when an object is blocking the way, so it can dodge it. But if it gets stuck with something, it will intelligently try to go back. In addition, its detection system can also save it from falling on stairs.

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Design

Unlike its older brothers, Xiaomi Vacuum and Xiaomi Vacuum 2 Roborock, it does not have laser navigation. But this navigation system is quite intelligent when it comes to planning the route in the house. This obstacle detection is provided by the infrared lights in the front part, which actives a total of 6 sensors that work 50 times per second. Also, the robot can focus on the same area from various angles to make sure of clean it.

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Design

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Compatibility with Mi Home App and Alexa

From the Mi Home App, you can activate the vacuum cleaner to start cleaning, even remotely. Unfortunately, you can not know what is the vacuum cleaning, because it doesn’t have a laser sensor. What we can see is the capacity of the battery and the time it takes cleaning. And we can also tell it to stop, to charge or to increase the pressure.

Once the application is installed, it will appear that you have detected a new device (if not, you have to add it manually with the option “add device”). Once you find it (connect via Wifi), enter the network password, and you’re done.

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Compatibility with Mi Home App and Alexa

With this feature, you can schedule weekly or daily cleanings and check your status without the need to be in front of the device. The application gives us information about the cleaning records, the time spent in a cycle, the battery charge and other useful information.

And if you’re at home, you can simply order voice commands directly through Amazon Alexa.

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Compatibility with Mi Home App and Alexa

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Capacity and performance

It is designed with a box to store dust of at least 640ml, so it can store a lot of dust and does not require emptying so often. This vacuum can also climb 2cm slopes easily without damaging your floor, thanks to its strong climbing ability. In relation to the suction, have a full power of 50W, as well as a voltage of 14.4V.

Its efficient brushless motor, coupled with the aerodynamic design of the duct, with a wider opening, allows the robot to reach a high pressure, reaching 1,600 Pascal suction power in MAX mode.

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Battery

It has built-in 2600mAh lithium-ion batteries ideal for use in small or medium-sized homes and is automatically recharged. When the robot reaches a load of less than 30%, it completes the cleaning task and returns by itself to the load base. This vacuum can operate continuously for two hours and the charging time will not exceed 120 minutes at a load frequency of 50 – 60 Hz. It requires a baseload input of 100 – 240V and an output of 20V / 1.8 A per medium 42W of power.

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Battery

Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Specifications

Model Xiaomi Xiaowa
Automatic Charge Yes
Programmable Yes
WiFi connection Yes
Laser Navigation No
Mapping No
Washing-up No
Potency (vatios) 42
Suction power (Pascals) 1.600
Noise (decibels) 54-65
Autonomy (min) 120
Autonomy (m2) 100
Battery (mAh) Litio (2.600 mAh)
Tank capacity (ml) 640
Weight (kg) 3,0
Diameter (cm) 34,5
Height (cm) 9,0


  • Power: its 1,600 Pascal suction power can place it at the level of the most powerful vacuum robots on the market.
  • Suitable for pets: Its power and the design of the internal ducts of the robot facilitate the collection of hairs, making it a very valid device for households with animals.
  • Large capacity tank: its 0.64 liters surpass most of the competition’s robots.
  • EPA filter: its high-efficiency filter EPA 11 retains most microparticles of dust, mites and other allergens.
  • Total control: with Mi Home App (compatible with iOS and Android) and under the commands of Amazon Alexa.
  • The extraction of the tank is very simple: The upper lid of the robot is opened, and the tank can be removed easily, since it is located at the top.

Price and availability

Currently, it is possible to buy it for more than $300 on other shopping websites. But, with the Geekbuying promotion, you will save more than $150! We would normally recommend Gearbest, but the price there is around $326 this time.

Buy Xiaowa Lite Smart Vacuum Cleaner for $149 on Geekbuying

Valid until June 28 of 2018.

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