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We know you missed the Geekbuying offer summaries. However, it is that, among so many promotions to choose from in the store, we must filter the best ones so that you do not spend hours browsing in circles without getting a product that you love. Today we dedicate it to a very important category for mobile phones: earbuds.

When we think of Smartphones earbuds, it comes to our mind that they are small and practical, ideal for any situation. And that’s where the TWS stand out. These are small wireless devices that adapt to our ear perfectly, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables. Do we already have the idea? Well, then we invite you to review all the available deals options at this precise moment through the link below. Earbuds for everyone! TWS deals in Geekbuying

Earbuds for everyone! TWS deals in Geekbuying

However, below we suggest some of the best options, which can also improve the price by applying exclusive coupons that we bring you.

Geekbuying & TWS – i10 TWS

Yes, we start with the heavyweight of this compendium. The first device we see on the offers page is the i10 TWS. Its name is a direct reference to its transmission distance of 10 meters.

The wireless connection is made through Bluetooth 5.0, being updated to the latest technology in the market. These have the ability to automatically pair with each other and with the device we want to use when we take it out of the charging base, which makes it easier to use.

i10 TWS - Geekbuying

Being totally wireless, it is necessary that they have some method of physical control directly on the earbuds. That is why it has sensors which, depending on the touches we give, will serve to activate functions such as the Smartphone’s voice assistant.

Finally, say that they have a 300mAh battery that allows it to have a life span of approximately 2 hours. If you want to acquire the i10 TWS, it’s your chance, because thanks to Geekbuying and the following discount coupon: XUFDWYTK, you can buy them for only $18.99.

Buy the i10 TWS on Geekbuying

Geekbuying & TWS – X8 TWS

Next on the list, we found the X8 TWS. Again we have earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0, but whose operation is somewhat different. It has automatic pairing but each headset can be used independently. So much so that it is even possible to connect them to two Smartphones simultaneously.

X8 TWS - Geekbuying

The charging case of these earbuds is of 2200mAh, which allows us to even use it to recharge our phone in an emergency. As for the duration of the earbuds, these have a range of between 4 and 5 hours and can reach distances of up to 10 meters with respect to the terminal that we connect them.

The X8 TWS are currently in Geekbuying for a price of $16.99 but only if we apply the coupon: FYMKAEVK.

Buy the X8 TWS on Geekbuying

Geekbuying & TWS – QCY T1C / T1 TWS

We went to an off-road field. The QCY T1C / T1 TWS stands out for its construction and noise reduction system. Ideal for environments with a lot of auditory interference, the CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology improves voice recognition, allowing them to capture only what interests you during a call.

QCY T1 TWS - Geekbuying

Wirelessly it is very similar to the other models. It has Bluetooth 5.0, automatic connection between them and the device we want to use when removing them from the charging case, among other options. However, what stands out, in particular, is its durability, both in battery charge (4-5 hours per charge, up to 24 hours with the case) and in construction (it has an IPX4 certificate, which makes it water resistant), being an ideal option for athletes.

If you want to acquire the QCY T1C / T1 TWS, remember that you must apply the coupon: VKUBQUSO, to be able to enjoy an even better offer in Geekbuying, having a final price of $20.67.

Buy the QCY T1C/T1 TWS on Geekbuying

Geekbuying and TWS – i12 TWS

Our last recommendation of the day is the i12 TWS. In terms of auditory quality and control technology, these are among the best in the compendium. The same wireless options as the previous ones, but the bet is improved by having a more avant-garde design. We can control everything from the side of the earbuds thanks to almost undetectable sensors.

i12 TWS - Geekbuying

The audio transfer and its reproduction is exceptional, and the duration of the load with the case reaches 40 hours. In addition, the transmission distance increases up to 20 meters.

As you can infer, thanks to the use of a special coupon you can greatly improve the deal that Geekbuying offers. You can purchase the i12 TWS for only $27.25 with the coupon: VKUBQUSO

Buy the i12 TWS on Geekbuying

These are just some of the devices we get in this new compendium of deals that Geekbuying offers, but we invite you to discover on your own all the options you have from the main link.

Earbuds for everyone! TWS deals in Geekbuying

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