Geekbuying Anniversary: Discount in home essentials and security devices

¡Save up to $200 with Geekbuying!

Look the new deals from the Geekbuying Anniversary! As we have already mentioned, Geekbuying is celebrating its sixth anniversary. For this reason, it has organized an event to share discounts and deals in many products to all its customers. We already talked about various promotions, for example, the giveaway where the top prize is a Xiaomi MI MIX 2S! However, this time, we are going to emphasize another promotion inside this magnificent event. It consists of multiple deals about home essentials and security devices. All of them organized into many categories and sections. Also, there are excellent discount coupons. We are going to mention the most important products of Xiaomi and other ones that we considerate interesting as well.

Geekbuying Anniversary: Discount coupons

The first thing that we can see are three discount coupons. Every one of them is valid from June 12 to June 22. And specifically, the offers are the following:

  • Save up $4 to $50 on smart lifestyle devices. Coupon code: HBKFWJUT.
  • Buy a Xiaomi Leravan Massage Pillow for only $89.99. Coupon code: QDTGDILW.
  • Buy a Xiaomi Mijia Roborock Vacuum Cleaner 2 for only $449.99. Coupon code: VMJJVRIO.

Geekbuying Anniversary - Discount in home essentials and security devices

Geekbuying Anniversary: Exclusives

Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Lite Vacuum Cleaner: $144.45 [Coupon]

The first product of this compendium is a lite version of one of the best Xiaomi products, the Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Lite Vacuum Cleaner. Unlike the standard version, it only has the sweeping function, which greatly lowers its production cost. It does not mean that the features included are inferior, on the contrary, since it is also equipped with the high-precision LDS sensor which scans the room 360 degrees, then uses its impressive SLAM algorithm to map the optimal cleaning path around a room. You can customize the cleaning location on the map via Mijia APP, after that, the vacuum robot will clean the location that you specified.


The maximum suction of the Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Lite Vacuum Cleaner is 1600Pa to improve cleaning efficiency. Since we are dealing with a light version of the original vacuum cleaner, It uses a 2600mAh lithium battery, which gives it a good duration when cleaning in standard mode (approx. 2.5H). Maximum housing area to be clean is about 250 square meters. When the energy decrease, it will automatically recharge, and after that, it will end on the unfinished work. With the new infrared charging base which has 360 degree and 4m maximum range, the robot can charge back more accurate.

The main reason that we start this product in this great compendium is that in addition to the fantastic offer that includes, it currently has a special coupon that will leave the final price in only $144.45 (€124.5).

How to obtain the coupon? It is very easy, you just have to enter the link below:

Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Lite Coupon

There you will have to enter your email and immediately the coupon will be revealed. Keep in mind that the coupon is unique, so it can only be used once. Daily, there will be 200 coupons, so you must hurry to take advantage of this special discount.

Xiaomi Mijia Digital Female Basic Thermometer: $16.99 (64% off)

It has a conventional, minimalist and feminine design. However, children and men can also use the thermometer. It is constructed with polycarbonate materials totally safe and free of toxins and has a pink cover for storage and easy transport. The thermometer comes with a replaceable battery and its backlit display will allow you to see the temperature optimally even at night.

Geekbuying Anniversary - Xiaomi Mijia Digital Female Basic Thermometer

The thermometer has interesting features that will accompany the women, its one-touch functionality allows you to turn on the thermometer, connect it to your mobile application and when you link the thermometer you will be ready to measure your temperature by placing the thermometer under your tongue. A sound will indicate when the measurement is complete. Its measuring range ranges between 32 and 42 degrees Celsius. The thermometer is designed to accompany the woman during her adolescence, the stage of preparation for the pregnant and the evolution of it. Through the application, you can track your menstruation and control the stages of the month accurately.

Geekbuying Anniversary: Smart Home

FUNRY TB-Y E27 Smart Bulb: $8.99 (60% off)

These dimmable color light bulbs support color temperature adjusting, bringing you a wonderful experience. They come with E27 screw base. It is controlled by Darmao APP. Just using your mobile phone, you can control it over a long distance which is really convenient. Users can select white, then the light will become white ambiance. Or they can set color temperature from cold to warm and change the brightness from 1%-100% which brings you a more intelligent enjoyment. There are four available scenes for the LED bulb: rest, reading, party and casual. With one bulb you can enjoy different scenes. Also, the FUNRY TB-Y E27 bulb is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Geekbuying Anniversary - FUNRY TB-Y E27 Smart Bulb

Xiaomi SWDK Wireless Cleaner $59.99 (29% off)

It is a device who has an 8000 beats/min high-frequency beats to form a strong vibration to clean all out. Also, offers a 6000Pa suction power which can sweep any furniture piece. It also has a brushless suction head to prevent the fabric from being scratched and twisted during the process.

Geekbuying Anniversary - Xiaomi SWDK Wireless Cleaner

With the UV-C quartz glass UV lamp, it avoids transmission of aphids and other harmful organisms to achieve a bactericidal effect. No power cable winding, it has a wireless design to avoid security risks. Even has a precision mute motor, multiple noise reduction, achieve as low as 65dB. Finally, it is equipped with a charging stand which is both, an energy station and a storage station.

Geekbuying Anniversary: Security System

Xiaomi Dafang Smart 1080P IP Camera: $30.99 (32% off)

Dafang IP camera is a high-speed PTZ that supports 1080P resolution, it has F/23 aperture lens, 120-degree viewing angle and can rotate on its gimbal. It can take photographs by 360 degrees horizontally or 93 degrees vertically, taking it only 3 seconds to check all your home. It has an intelligent auxiliary monitoring thanks to the transaction image green frame mark. The gimbal will automatically track the movement, watch every place on your home, even watch the baby and pets very conveniently.

Geekbuying Anniversary - Xiaomi Dafang Smart 1080P IP Camera

The Dafang IP camera is built with 6 pieces of 940nm infrared complimentary light, which can restore night vision scene in 18 order grayscale. Meanwhile, it supports double way phone call, 87db restoring human voice, hearing the conversation in 10 meters. Besides supporting SD card for expansion, the Dafang IP camera also can support U disk by USB cable. Users can achieve PIP mode in Mijia app, narrowing the monitoring scene to a floating window. You can be chatting and be monitoring at the same time.

Geekbuying Anniversary: Home Gadgets

GP90 Portable LCD Projector: $129.99 (31% off)

Very portable, only weights 2.2kg, and a very slim (100mm thickness) projector, smaller than an A4 paper size! This super portable design concept is excellent and it is combined with a fully enclosed optical engine with high-resolution LCD applications, compatible with 1080P video playback with a 1280 x 800 physical resolution.

Geekbuying Anniversary - GP90 Portable LCD Projector

The LED light source consumes less energy than traditional lamp-based projectors and is mercury free. It offers up to 50,000 hours of lamp life and it color loss very slowly, which means it can last for more than 30 years (4 hours a day). Additionally, because LEDs stay cool, you can quickly turn on/off the projector without having to wait for the lamp to cool down first. Compared to other projectors on the market, this product is ultra silent as it operates with a fan noise of only 32db. This translates into less distraction during presentations, or when viewing movies or playing games.

Xiaomi inFace Electronic Sonic Beauty Facial: $58.99 (26% off)

The Xiaomi MS1000 is built in titanium, silicone, and plastic. Its white color and its golden details give a premium feel to the product. Its weight of 158 grams makes it light and functional. In terms of comfort and handling, it has the 3C certificate, which makes it suitable for domestic use without any problem. It sonic vibration helps to cleanse deeply yet gently oil, dirt, and makeup present on the skin. It has the characteristic to enhances the complexion’s natural glow and smoothes away the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin looking more youthful.

Geekbuying Anniversary - Xiaomi inFace Electronic Sonic Beauty Facial

Geekbuying Anniversary: All deals

Don’t forget to take a tour so you can find out about all the other products in the promotion. Maybe one of the items on your wish list is finally at a low price. Below we will leave you again the direct link to the Geekbuying Anniversary event:

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