Geeetech A30 Aluminum Profile Desktop 3D Printer for just $399.99

The Geeetech A30 3D printer is an excellent way to print large-sized items in a 3D form. The printer is designed with a well-crafted Aluminum profile that is rigid and reliable with a corrosion-resistant approach. In addition, the Black color and linear design are quite appealing and elegant all the ways.

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Furthermore, the Geeetech A30 3D printer runs at the accuracy of 0.05 mm and producing high-layer items at speed up to 80-110 mm/s. Pre-designed software is there to draw your print on your mobile or laptop through EasyPrint 3D. It also supports TF and USB ports for offline printing mode. We can go through the features under the following headings.

Features and Specifications:

Flexible Print Size

The Geeetech A30 3D printer is capable of producing prints as large as 320x320x40 mm. The forming size is 32x32x42 cm to make your imaginations real. Therefore, you are free to create large-sized substances in conveniently and smartly.

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Color Touch Screen

The Geeetech A30 3D printer is equipped with a 3.2-inch full-color touch screen for intuitive and easy to use. It will deliver you a responsive user interface to modify printing parameters and makes full control over the whole printing process.

High Printing Speed

Now, your printing efforts will take lesser time as the printer provides with high print speed up to 80-110 mm/s. It also generates the work accuracy of 0.05 mm along with easy and fast assembling process.

Compatible to Multiple Filaments

Admittedly, the Geeetech A30 3D printer is fully-compatible to multiple and a wide range of filaments like ABS, Nylon, PLA, and Wood Polymers etc. This will help to produce various designs and shapes with a variety of color options.

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App Support System

The WIFI and app-based control system makes it convenient for you to direct A30 printer from outside places. You need to install the EasyPrint 3D app and enjoy a relevant service from distant places. There are around 50,000 3D models stored in the app to facilitate you with options to print.

TF Card and USB Support

The Geeetech A30 3D printer is convenient to print stand-alone with a TF card and USB port. Select your 3D file and adjust the parameters before pressing the print button.

It is another smart part of this 3D printer which delivers stable, smooth and accurate movement of the printing head. The upload of the filament and lower blockage rate of the colors are two secure operations.

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Where to buy:

After 19% off, the Geeetech A30 3D printer is available for $399.99 on Gearbest. Click to buy now:



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