Geeetech A20M Review with Modularized Extruder Wiring

After A10M again Geeetech released another advanced version A20M cloning the open source mainboard GT2560. As A10 was the most successful product ever Geeetech released. They wanted to upgrade it following real-time users review and their own research, they ended up at A20M. Hope that the 3D printer community will accept it like before. However, lets learn the Geeetech A20M review and what’s new on it.

Geeetech A20M Review

It came with few exciting features like 360-degree ventilation design, a unique reset button and many more.

Design and appearance

The design and appearance is pretty similar like the A10M except the base. A20M came with one box as its base, inside the box they mounted everything the control box, the display, the switch and everything. The base box enhanced the overall look and beauty of this awesome 3D printer.

The display attach to the front surface of the printer which is inclined at around thirty degrees. To the left side there is a red on off switch, to turn the printer on and off as well. Above the box the print bed is mounted. The whole structure built with Aluminum frame, very sturdy and strong and able to handle large scale printing. And finally the filament wheal is mounted at the top of the printer.

The design and appearance is simple but it is said extra ordinary. The blue and black color combination made the printer beautiful.

Mix color printing

This feature is not new in A20M, pretty similar to A10M. In A10M they used multi extruder and filament technology to get mix color printing and the same thing you will get in A20M. Nothing new.

Easy to assemble

The printer is easy to assemble as it modularized with three parts. The base, the frame and the extruder filament assembly. You just have to assemble it attaching few screws only. If you have a little bit prior experience with 3D printers, the whole assemble will not take more than half an hour.

High Performance extruder

As I said the printer use duel extruder and two color filaments to get multi-color printing. The manufactures ensured high performance extruder to get precision printing and your desktop workhorse.

360 Degree ventilation

It’s unique feature of this printer. Cooling and ventilation is the most important part of 3D printer designing to get the best quality printing. Geeetech adopted 360-degree ventilation means the extruder will cool at all around, ensures perfect heat dissipation, and quality 3d printing.

High performance gear train

The smooth movement at different axis and perfect torque ration ensures high quality printing, you know. A20M extruder motor uses 3:1 ratio gear train which ensures accurate torque input and ensures precision printing.

Convenient Reset Button

It’s another cool feature of this printer. The convenient reset button. What it does? If the system gets hang or any awakened issue occur, this one press reset button will reset everything and will back to normal operation. Sounds great, right?

Modularized extruder

The printer has modularized extruder wiring system allows to exchange the wires quick and easy, saves a lot of time and effort as well. Also it helps in mix color printing.

Filament runout detector

Like the A10M it also has a filament run out detector sensor. It helps you get non interrupted printing and seamless operation and enhance printing satisfaction. Once the filaments are out or there is empty spool than it alerts you to change it.

Firmware modify facility

You will have limitless space to modify the firmware as we said A20M used open source control board. You will get idea to modify it from the active 3D printer community and open user resources. Yes, an open source community is always strong to each other.

Other features

  1. The design of A20M enables you to view it at 360 degree consists of standard printing area 255*255*255 mm³
  2. It has auto leveling sensor instead of manual screw leveling which allows you to precise printer bed leveling.
  3. Like the A10M it has good adhesion and uniform heating feature. Means once the bed get heat uniformly, it makes easy to remove the printed model just like removing a piece of cake.
  4. It supports SD card up to 32GB for offline printing.
  5. Its printing accuracy is 0.1mm which is very precise comparing to the closely released models.
  6. The printing accuracy along xy axis is 0.011mm and z axis positioning accuracy is 0.0025mm
  7. The print speed is upgraded to this model from A10M, its 180mm/sec which is relatively very high.
  8. Supports multiple type of filament materials like ABS, PLA, PVA and even wood and so on.
  9. The nozzle diameter is very precise 0.4mm

The downsides

A20M is a single nozzle printer but in A10M it was a double nozzle printer.

The connectivity of this printer is a bit frustrating, no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connect feature, not even you can connect with an app, which is the biggest con claimed by its users. Hope they will bring it again.


The Geeetech A20M is a DIY type affordable 3D printer, but also able to sustain with large scale printing due to its advanced gear train and sturdy structure. However, along with its few cool feature we found some downsides for this product. Comparing with A10M we think that you don’t need to upgrade from Geeetech A10M or A10 or Creality Ender 3, If you already own them. But if you are looking for a DIY new 3D printer and you don’t own any last released models, I mentioned, you can go for Geeetech A20M. At which price tag the printer we are getting in the market is worth to buy. Happy 3D printer. This is all about Geeetech A20M 3D printer Review.

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