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Geeetech A10 was another buzz in the 3D printer market world. But is A10M? Yes, this is an upgraded version of Geeetech A10. You know the printers with new technology are hitting the market at a heart breathing rate. Just after three months, Creality Ender 3 Geeetech A10 came and at a very short span of time with more features and better quality printing A10M available.

You know Creality Ender 3 is an open source, everyone can develop and clone it. Geeetech A10M cloned Ender 3 followed the open source GT2560 control board but came with few advanced features. Let’s learn what’s new and at which this awesome printer is best.


Geeetech A10M Review

Geeetech A10M selected by the All3DP team as the best printer under 200, but the concern is will it beat its mother printer? I hope so. Let’s learn and compare.

Design and appearance

The printer looks beautiful and minimal much alike the Creality CR20 and also Creality Ender 3, is due to Geeetech cloned them, as it is an open source 3d printer.

The rails are V-shaped and made with aluminum alloy profile. The wheel and rail system at every axis ensures smooth movement, reduce operation noise and provide a quiet 3d printing environment.

The printing bed is mounted over a control box and its attached to the left side. This box also works as a basement too. To the right side, there is another box, the display attached to it. The overall printer is compact in design, consume less space, possible to set it just anywhere.

The printer has medium-sized build volume 220 x 220 x 260mm which is a standard volume. The volume is very much alike to Creality CR20 but the bed is 10mm higher than its competitor Ender 3.

The appearance of the printer is simple but extraordinary used classic blue-black color combination to beautify its appearance. The company kept their commitment both in terms of appearance and quality printing.

Multi-color print

The printer offers multicolor printing following the dual extruder principal. You know there is two multi-color principle in 3D printing one is color through using multiple filament and extruder of different color and another is the indirect color insertion. However, in this printer, the system used two extruder consist of two different color filament. This is a good thing that you will be able to build an object with two colors but the bad thing is that a lot of printers are available in the market now at this moment offering a lot of color variant. Hope Geeetech will bring more color variation to the next future.Geeetech A10M review

Accurate Printing

The most impressive feature I found on it that, it offers very accurate printing, able to shape complex contour, fine texture. And most importantly, it provides a smooth surface and the angle profiles are very sharp. You will glad to know that its printing accuracy is 0.1mm. I don’t know what is your experience with other printers but I want to say, I don’t have found such surface finish till the moment the printer is just releasing.

Good adhesion and easy removal

You know the hotbed trend of 3d printers now and this printer model is not different. However, the print engineered keeping good adhesion and easy print model removal.

The printer bed is very much alike with A10 came with a glass printing bed covered with a thin layer of dots which made the print bed more adhesive when it’s hot.  On the other hand, when you take down the print from bed it seems like a piece of cake and the print bed become cool down at a rapid rate, as it gets hot also in a rapid rate. Cool!  right?Geeetech A10M review

Gear Train

The gear train is a mechanical system a set of gears are mounted in a frame where gear tooth is engaged and maintain a ratio to the output. The A10M printer uses a gear train maintains a ration 3:1 and amplify the torque and improve printing experience.

Geeetech A10M review

Easy assemble

The whole system is separated into several modules so its super easy to assemble. The individual modules are the aluminum frame, the bed, the control box with a screen and the two extruder. You just have to screwed up this parts are you are done. Impressive easy assemble feature, right?

Geeetech A10M review

Resume printing at power failure

If there is any power failure or any instance to stop printing, the printer has a resume printing feature from exactly where it has been stopped.  It’s a resurrection system is added to save real time printing.

Filament end detector

It’s really interrupting if the filament ends while printing and you don’t even know what’s happening. However, filament end detector is the current trend of the 3d printers. Geeetech A10M also added one. It will help you to get rid of bootless printing, and problems create for filament outage. Simply it will alert you to change the filament coil once the spool is empty.Geeetech A10M review

Auto-leveling feature

Another engrossing feature is Geeetech A10M have auto leveling sensor. It attached with the extruder. How does it work? It calculates the distance of the bed at several positions and auto level the bed.

The note is it’s an optional add-on but the main board is engineered and adapted for the auto leveling sensor. You know, this add-on is time-saving, effort saving and ensures accuracy.

3D print app

Geeetech offers a 3D printing app called EasyPrint 3D which is free and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s easy to use and beginner friendly.

Geeetech also has an online base 3D models gallery which is free. You will get access through the EasyPrint 3D app 50000+ 3D models collection.

Moreover, it’s a cloud based gallery and you will able to access remotely from this app and connecting through Wi-Fi with the printer you will be able to run print. How powerful ecosystem Geeetech built?

So your remote print command workflow will be – Go the app on your phone, connect Wi-Fi to your printer, choose any model from the Geeetech cloud 3D model gallery, slice it and print through command. As simple as that. Very convenient and easy workflow.

Online firmware update

The EasyPrint 3D app has another benefits, possible update your printer firmware through this app at just one click. Update and enjoy new features.

Other Features

  1. The printer saves money through modularized extruder wiring.
  2. Its engraving accuracy is 0.1mm
  3. A10M came with an open source control board allows you to modify the firmware and tinker according to your need or there is always an active community to help each other and develop the open source ecosystem.

The Bad

No offline memory card printing support, which is a silly downside but helps in critical moments.


The printer Geeetech A10M is far better than its predecessor A10. After Ender 3 people liked A10 most. Hope the 3d printer lover will accept A10M very quickly and that’s all about the review of Geeetech A10M 3D printer.

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