Gearbest Fifa World Cup 2018 Fashion & Hairdo – You Dont Want To Miss Out

In less than two months, we will experience the world’s largest Futbol Mundial – THE WORLD CUP which will be held in Russia. As of now, we have already started seeing our peeps with the world cup customized shirts and boots and surely, you don’t wanna miss out. Are you a football fan? Or you just love the noise and fun from the game of football, then hit the links below to get a glimpse of amazing deals for Russia 2018 customized polo’s, boots and hoodies. I will describe a product from each category but there are more options in the link below.

Round Neck Customized Football Polo

These are casual polo’s that are customized for the FIFA world cup 2018. They have the inscription “Fifa World Cup, Russia 2018”. This silk polo has a round neck and it is available in multiple sizes and colours. We have sky blue, ocean blue, light gray, army green, green, rose red and red colours. If you are a sportsman or you need a perfect sport oriented polo for your routine workout, then you need to get one of these. The prices range from $13 to $15 depending on the quality that you need. Please note that there are also multiple designs that you can choose from. While some just have a simple inscription, others have multiple write-ups.

T-Shirts Customized With Country’s Flag Colour

Another category in this sale are T-shirts which are customized with the flag colours of certain countries. This product falls under the category “For Fans” and they are all dope with authentic fabric. We can clearly see countries such as Spain, Brazil, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, Armenia, Uruguay, Mexico, Great Britain and Switzerland. All the products in this category range from $12 to $13 which makes them very affordable.

Football Boots With Soft or Hard Studs

These are simple boots with eye-catching colours and it is more interesting that the studs are made of a rubber material which makes them friendly and the upper uses PU material. These boots are suitable for running, jogging, walking, trekking and all sorts of sporting activities. The price range is from $29 to $43.


The plus size hoodie is cut in a loose fit with special wolf 3D printing patterns, which makes them unique and mysterious. Made of polyester and spandex, the hoodie is qualified and wearable with a drawstring hood. You can wear jeans or casual pants with it. You have other products that are made of wool, silk, and other materials. The prices range from $15 to $38 depending on what you need.


Do you want to look crazy while you see a world cup match? You really need some amazing hairdo that fits your lifestyle, Gearbest also has something for you. We don’t know exactly what you need but we have over 50 Hair Extensions & Wigs so you surf through and make a pick.


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