The Best Time To Shop Is Now: Gearbest 2018 Mid-Year Sales Officially Kicks Off Today

It’s June, the 6th month of the year which divides the year into two. This is a very important period, as one can still settle down and plans ahead of the remaining month of the year to archive his/her goals and Gearbest is ready to plan with you. Gearbest each year tends to celebrate this period with lots of mouth washings offers so as to create a platform for people with a low budget to archive and get things they always wanted. There are also lots of big activities lined up to celebrate the mid-year, we offer you an overall arrangement of the GearBest Mid-year Sale.

When Will The Gearbest Midyear Start And End?

The Gearbest Mid-year Sale has already commenced with the monster 618 Promo Sale on June 17 and will end with the Treat Yourself encore on July 9. The specific activity time is as below:

618 Carnival: June 17 @ 7:00 UTC – June 20 @7:00 UTC

  • From 17th down to 20th, you can enjoy special 618 privilege: 618 Lightning Flash Sale, Unmissable Deals, 618 Lucky Bags, $10 for 3 Items, Epic Flagship Brands

Mid-year Sale Launch: June 20 @ 7:00 UTC – June 25 @7:00 UTC

  • From 20th down to 25th, release your passion with Gearbest World Cup 2018 Kick off Sale! And play games, win epic gifts.

GearBest World Cup 2018 Kick off Sale

Price Meltdown: June 25 @ 7:00 UTC – July 2 @ 7:00 UTC

  • From 25th, GearBest Mid-year Sale is in has fully started in full swing. Embrace the biggest promotion with over 50% OFF Maximum Discount Markdowns.

Treat Yourself: July 2 @ 7:00 UTC – July 9 @ 2:00 UTC

  • Seize the Encore Deals with our generous Last Chance Saloon.

GearBest Mid-year Sale highlights

Do you plan to get products for a cheap amount? Do well to pay attention to the following carnival highlights:

  •  Shopping Guide: Get the scoop with Money Saving Secrets Revealed!
  • Triple Saver Specials: $10 for ANY 3 Items with hundreds of products to choose from.

the triple saver specials on GearBest Mid-year sale

  • Lucky Bags: Get lucky with Gearbest always-popular Lucky Bags from just $0.99.
  • Cool Add-Ons: Pay just $2.99 for the best ice-cool treats.

the cool add-ons on GearBest Mid-year sale

As if that’s not enough? You can also play the gGearbest World Cup Shoot Out Game to win OnePlus 6 flagship phone ($700). During this period you can also spin the Gearbest World Cup Lucky Wheel to win the awesome Alfawise U20 DIY 3D Printer ($299.99). And much more.

Lastly, If you buy products worth $80 and above, you stand a chance of choosing a surprising gift for free. But it should be noted that the gift is only for the first 1,500 customers. So, it’s now left for us all, we know all about the midyear sale, do well to get the dividend

Click HERE to bennefit from the 2018 Mid-year mega sales, and get products for the cheapest price this year.



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