MWC 16: The Gear series continues with Gear S2 Classic 3G – First smartwatch with Virtual SIM

From the MWC 16 highlights, if you think that the modular design of LG G5 was impressive, Samsung didn’t want to be left behind, so they released their surprises. Apart from the already discussed Samsung Galaxy S7 series, the Korean company decided to impress the visitors by introducing Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G – the first smartwatch to come with a Virtual SIM (a phone number that doesn’t need an SIM card to associate phone calls to the mobile phone user).

Gear S2 Classic 3G

The Pioneer of ESIM is not a phone but a smartwatch ‘Gear S2 Classic 3G.’

We thought that the first gadget to incorporate ESIM technology would be a phone, but we are shocked to witness it inside a small watch. It will support and perform all the functions of an SIM card, but we no longer have to carry the burden of an SIM card.

Samsung said that it would be compatible with most of the SIM providers. It has been tested and work seamlessly with networks like Vodafone, Orange, Movistar, etc.

So, what’s the procedure for creating a Virtual SIM? It’s simple. You just have to log in via Google account with the information you provided to the operator in our Gear S2 Classic 3G watch. And it’s done. Now you can enjoy voice data and other aspects provided through a networking operator but without an SIM card.

No doubt, there would be more development in the section of Virtual SIM. Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G will not be the last device to come up with this technology. The war for the best Virtual SIM terminal has just begun.

Gear S2 Classic 3G Retail Packaging



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