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Recently, PUBG Mobile has been updated, but my rank has not been updated. I have not been able to find the reason. I feel that each one is playing well, but I can’t get it. So I have been thinking, thinking about how to improve my technique. In the end, I found a gamepad-GameSir F4 Falcon, which brought me a completely different game experience, almost all of them can eat chicken! On the usual gamepads, most of them are Bluetooth connections, and the buttons are customized on the software and mapped to different effects. The GameSir F4 Falcon handle is different. It completely simulates human hands. Capacitive air delivery is plug-and-play, which is very convenient. GameSir F4 Falcon is the next generation of wireless gamepad-joystick for mobile online games PUBG mobile and other FPS. An innovative system for connecting to a smartphone does not allow the game to determine the fact of using additional equipment, which reduces the risk of a ban, “crash” and other bugs associated with the use of the emulator.

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Before looking at the appearance of the GameSir F4 Falcon, let’s take a look at what’s in the package, the main body of the handle, USB-A to USB-C data cable, three-pack voucher manual, and a good-looking storage bag. Basically, small objects like this are kept at hand, and when they are needed, they are found again and again. The storage bag provided by GameSir protects the handle and makes the handle not easy to lose. The interface also uses the mainstream Type-C interface, so there is no need to prepare another charging cable!


The GameSir F4 Falcon Mobile Gaming Controller looks like an eagle when it is unfolded. This is also the same as its name. It is displayed like a falcon. Therefore, it is named as a falcon. From the perspective of grip, it is very comfortable because it is the design of the Eagle Wing, so there is no need to change the holding habits. At the same time, the handle also follows the ergonomic design, skin-friendly feel, fits the fingers and the holding position, it is comfortable and natural to play, and it is not tired for a long time.

The GameSir F4 Falcon is neither like the common split independent buttons nor the design of the left and right handles. It is more “T” shaped for mobile phones, and the fingers will not be sore when held for a long time. This shape makes the combination of the mobile phone and the handle more reliable, and also allows the index finger to press the left and right keys more naturally for more agile operation! The main color of the GameSir F4 Falcon is black, and the keys, wingspan and other parts are decorated with blue, which adds a little vitality. In addition to the left and right buttons, there is a Turbo button on the inner side to turn on and switch burst mode.

If you select the 3 combos super stable mode, the indicator light is always green; if you select the 6 combos fast mode, the indicator light is always orange; the speed mode is 9 combo, the red light is always on. It is also worth mentioning that the GameSir F4 Falcon gamepad cleverly combines the operation of the opening key and the fixed lifting operation, and the opening and closing is the opening key. The buttons are gaming mouse-level buttons, with 3 million gaming mouse-level touch switches, crisp feedback, high sensitivity, fast response, no delay in pressing, you can quickly open the mirror to shoot, face the enemy smartly, and operate like Pro.

The charging interface uses a Type-C interface design, which can be plugged in at the front and the back. This also solves the worldwide problem of “the USB cable will never be plugged in.” It has a built-in 90mAh large-capacity battery. It can be used for 120 hours on one charge. The endurance is indeed very strong. The handle uses a switch design. The whole device has a stretch switch, that is, stretching is to turn on, and retract is to turn off. It is as simple as that. The size of the mobile phone that the handle can be is 66mm-85mm in width and 10mm in thickness. Restrictions, so most mobile phones on the market can be adapted.

Features and Use

When using GameSir F4 Falcon in the beginning, I can feel that it is obviously different from the conventional gamepad. It only needs to adjust the key layout in the game when entering the game for the first time, and move the required keys to the top contact. The location is just right, the operation is very simple and very fast. When you are familiar with the original buttons, you may not be used to the new operation method, but you can quickly adapt to the new operation by playing a few more games.

In use, you only need to install a mobile phone to boot. It can effectively prevent the keys of the traditional booting method from being accidentally touched. At the same time, by transmitting the capacitive signal, it can penetrate the tempered film and trigger the virtual game buttons instantly. Stability, physical contact simulates the human touch screen. No APP, No Bluetooth connection. Out of the box.

The GameSir F4 Falcon Mobile Gaming Controller is designed with two electrodes and corresponding buttons. You only need to move the virtual button to the top of the phone. The two electrodes corresponding to the handle can be held naturally with both hands. It is simple and comfortable, allowing you to operate with four fingers without fear. Just gun. During the game, you can also use the GameSir F4 Falcon Mobile Gaming Controller to open the scope while firing and other functions. It can be achieved with the touch of a button, which is more convenient than hand rubbing the screen.

The feel of the L and R keys is also good. The area is large enough and it is more reliable. However, the Turbo button on the inner side is a bit on the inner side for me. When I press it, I need to raise the index finger slightly. The frequency is very low and not too bothersome. In addition, I have used the GameSir F4 Falcon gamepad to play the PUBG MOBILE for more than ten hours. So far, there have been no broken touch. When I press the button, there is no response. The other is the battery life of this gamepad, which is also not to worry about. In the case where I played the PUBG MOBILE with the handle for a full ten hours, I did not feel anxiety because the handle was out of power, but I was anxious for the lack of power on my phone all day. The official promotion can be 120 hours. I think it is more conservative and should be able to spend more time. Besides, the Type-C interface is also very convenient, and the charging cable of the mobile phone can be taken out to solve the charging problem.


GameSir F4 Falcon controller also won my heart with a lot of details. There is a certain depression in the contact position with the phone’s volume button and power button to prevent the button from being pressed all the time and causing accidental touch. The backplate is also protected by a rubber material. At the same time, the height of the backplate is lifted, so that the camera protruding from the mobile phone has a certain space and will not squeeze the camera. The GameSir F4 Falcon gamepad is easy to store, and even more convenient with the storage bag. There can also be a speed burst mode, which can shoot 9 guns in 1s. This is a chicken artifact. When the finals are critical, the opponent will be won instantly. You can also customize the adjustment. It is also very OK to shoot slowly. In addition, I did not feel that the shape is just right, and it fits our palms best!

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