HOW TO: Gain Followers on Spotify!

Spotify is the Facebook of music. If you like to listen to music or make music of any genre, any language, any style, and you’re not on Spotify, you’re missing up on a lot. There are millions and millions of songs out there on Spotify, there’s something for everyone, and there are so many real-life artists/musicians who gained success from making it big on Spotify. If you don’t want to purchase Spotify, you can use the modded version uploaded on EZTV. If you are unable to access EZTV, you can use EZTV Proxy.

 It’s more than just an app for playing music. It’s a big beautiful community of people from all around the world getting together and talking the language of music. And today we’re going to talk about one way you can reach out to a lot of people who like the same music as you: by gaining Spotify Followers.

Now, keep in mind that Spotify isn’t Instagram or YouTube where everyone can just share content. So why would someone follow anyone on Spotify? Two reasons: a.) They’re a musician. b.) They curate playlists. Now you belong to the latter of course, ehoch is why you’re reading this article. So what do you think it takes to grow spotify followers on your account/playlists ? Well, I spoke up with some people who seem to have some sick playlists that thousands of people follow, and I’ve broken down what they said below. Keep reading. Also, check out KLWP Themes

1. Are you Fresh?

If you wake up in the morning and go all ‘Eureka’ with an idea for a new playlist,calm your horses down and check if someone’s covered it already or not. Also keep an eye on the world around you: people will always like music that would go with their current vibe, and in the internet era, vibes spread pretty fast.

That being said, when you go for a playlist that revolves around a particular niche other than the mainstream masala music, it’ll make you stand out like the black sheep. So whar you need to do is pick a theme that you think is pretty unique, complie some 100-150 songs, and make sure you don’t flood it with lots of music from just one artist. Mix it up. From the OGs to the underdogs, everyone should be there as long as their vibe is the same as your playlist’s theme. And please be patient. Don’t make it just for the heck of it and pull out random songs from spotify recommendations. You need to actually hand-pick every song that goes on there, so spend some time listening, exploring, and then decide which ones are really worth being on the playlist.

2. Organise

Everyone seeks music for different reasons. Someone may need it just for their drive to the office, someone may need it to calm down before an important meeting or something, someone may need it to pump up their confidence, someone may need it just to wake up to and starting the day, and someone may just need it while deadlifting at the gym. So you need to make sure you have various playlists, with something for everyone. Mood playlists can really go a long way in gaining you followers.

3. Your music sounds catchy. BUT DO YOU ?

A good title can do wobders to a playlist. Often generic titles like “The Best Playlist ever…”, “The Greatest X”, “The Best Workout..” etc turn people off and they skip them. Wanna know why? Because they look cheap, and fake, like some Bots made them or something.

Your title makes the first impression, and it has to really speak for your playlist so that users click on it. Try going with something well-defined and catchy like “The Essential Pink Floyd” or “The Doors’ Redemption” or “An ode to the 90’s”. While it doesn’t take a lot of time to come up with something like that, it’ll definitely help your account gain followers.

4. Stay updated.

Updating your playlists time to time and ensuring that there is fresh music is so necessary to have a good following. And whenever you do that, make sure that you put your new additions among the top songs of the playlist, so those who’re coming back know that you’re working on it constantly. But remember, don’t do it too often, and if a particular new mix is doing pretty well, let it stay for a while.

4. Spread the word

When it comes to promoting your curated playlist, the one place you should begin at is the Spotify Community Playlist Exchange. But before you go there, make sure your profile’s battle ready: Organize and update your playlists, write good and short descriptions for your playlists that will attract users who follow that kinda vibe. But then again,  you could also buy Spotify followers  and see for yourself how far that takes you.

One thing that could really help you grow on spotify is including fresh unkown artist’s works that are slowly gaining some following like you. When you add someone like them to your most popular playlist, and move their track in the top 5 or top 10, that will not only raise awareness about them amongst your followers, but also vice versa.


So this brings us to the end of the discussion on how you can gain more followers on spotify. Look, If you read all the above things, you know it’s easy to do. However, keep in mind that spotify is a huge community of millions and millions of users and it may take some time for people to discover you, so don’t give up. Keep making new playlists, updating old ones, and who knows, your next one may get a million plays. For now, it’s time to sign off. You can also download Spotify premium APK for yourself here!  If you want to know anything else about Spotify followers, drop a comment and we’ll reply ASAP. Till then, keep listening and sharing music, for the love of music!


Judhajeet Das

A Tech Freak and Tech Reviewer on YouTube, typically known as Dr. Short Circuit! Senior Writer at Xiaomitoday :)

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