Gadgets that are worth splurging on in 2019 

Considering that technology is advancing at a fast pace, there is no wonder why gadgets become so expensive. Gadgets became a paramount part of people’s lives, and investing in them is the norm today. Of course, not all gadgets are innovative or useful enough to make people spend lots of money on them. This is the reason why people need to learn to be selective when choosing their future gadgetsThe wide array of options that one has when it comes to picking gadgets can make the process more complicated than it already is.  

Skipping from portable CD players that were not quite comfortable to carry around to Bluetooth headphones so tiny that people can barely see was a big jumpEven though, not all high-end devices are worthy of people’s attention, so the must-haves need to be separated from items one can leave without. The list included in this article presents gadgets that are actually worth all the moneyKeep reading to find out more about them.  

Smart speakers and virtual assistants  

The first category of gadgets that are worth all the money in 2019 refers to virtual assistants. The trend of smart homes becomes more and more accentuated as each day goes by. Virtual assistants are smart speakers that can follow certain commands. The capabilities of these devices vary from one producer to another. The assistants that are worth using in 2019 are Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and CortanaChoosing a smart speaker depends on multiple factors: music quality, virtual assistant compatibility, touchscreen or voice control commands, interconnectivity and more.  

Speakers - Gadgets that are worth splurging on in 2019 

Some of the best smart speakers that are constantly selected this year are Sonos, Apple’s HomePodHarman Kardon Allure and – of course – Amazon Echo (and Echo Plus). Here’s a short description of each, which should help you make a decision:  

    • SonosSonos is considered by many the best smart speaker on the market. The speaker comes with Alexa enabled, but the user can choose other ecosystems as well, depending on his preference. At the moment, Sonos might be an unrivaled smart speaker if adding up all of its features. Apple’s HomePod is said to be better in sound, but not considerably. Sonos One is the best choice for home theater setups and it features often software updates from the developers.  
    • HomePod. Apple’s HomePod is definitely a preferred product among smart speaker enthusiasts. The Apple Music service and Siri are very responsive together. The quality of sound with HomePod is unquestionable and its size is appropriate for any roomHomePod is very useful when it comes to controlling HomeKit accessories as well.  
    • Harman Kardon Allure. Harman Kardon’s smart speaker is powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice service, which is quite convenient. Both perfect sound quality and Alexa’s responsiveness are combined in one single gadget that will change the way people live their lives.  
  • Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo was and still is a smash hit among smart speakers. It comes in multiple variants, one of them being Echo Dot, a portable smart speaker that is very convenient to use, as well as the Echo Show, that comes with touchscreen besides voice commands. The speakers are Alexa-enabled, and you can use the virtual assistant for questions related to general knowledge, playing music, controlling smart home kits, setting alarms and reminders, calling and messaging people and more.   


Wearables are the second categories of devices that people should pay attention to in 2019. Apple recently refined its smartwatches with the Watch Series 4. The fact that this watch can offer ECG scanning is truly innovative and helpful for people who suffer from medical issues that need permanent monitoring. AirPodsHuawei FreeBuds, and Samsung Gear IconX are the Bluetooth, cord-free earbuds everyone should keep an eye on this year. Even though the prices are quite high at the moment, it won’t be long until cord-free earbuds will become mainstream and everyone will be able to afford the originals.  

Gadgets that are worth splurging on in 2019 - Wearables

The goal of wearable gadgets in 2019 is to make the life of people easier and less dependent on inconvenient cords. On the same note, gadgets that feature wireless charging are on the rise. The good part about investing in smartwatches is that they encourage physical movement and they can trigger an alarm if something is off with your heartbeat. The revolutionizing changes will continue to happen in terms of wearables. The newest gadget one should keep an eye on is represented by augmented reality glasses. Say goodbye to the bulky VR sets and welcome the normal-looking AR glasses. Among these, one should try the Vuzix Blade, North Focals and more.  

USB gadgets  

Because people are surrounded by computers almost permanently, USB gadgets seem to be very useful today. For anyone who has an unused USB slot, these gadgets will come in handy in the least expected ways. Buying fun gadgets from WTFGadgets.com is definitely a good idea if you find yourself in that situation. Moreover, such gadgets are less expensive and they can be bought as gifts for tech-savvy people. 

USB gadgets - Gadgets that are worth splurging on in 2019

Here are some of the gadgets you could invest in to make your daily tasks around the computer a little bit easier or at least more fun:  

    • Mini humidifier. Making the environment you work in as pleasurable as possible is a condition of staying productive. One of the methods to keep the indoor air healthy is to use a humidifier. Many people don’t invest in such devices because they waste too much space or they don’t fit the aesthetic of their office or home. Luckily, you can invest in a mini humidifier that plugs in your personal computer’s USB slot. Convenient, good-looking, funny and healthy – a gadget that deserves a place in your life.   
    • Cup warmer. As the name says it, once you plug in such gadget in your USB port, it heats up, keeping your coffee or tea cup warm throughout the day. The best part is that you no longer waste time warming up your drink again and again.  
  • Lights. Another very convenient gadget, USB lights are perfect for laptops that don’t have a backlit keyboard. You can find them in all shapes and sizes.  


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