Buy The Original Xiaomi Wireless Mouse For Just $16.61

Bluetooth 4.0 + 2.4G Double Mode Connectivity Mini Mice

Some time ago, xiaomi released the Xiaomi Wireless Mouse which was followed by the Xiaomi Portable Mouse. Both mouses have close similarity and little difference as we would see in the course of the article. The Xiaomi portable Mini Mice comes with double mode connectivity the Bluetooth 4.0 + Wifi 2.4G while the normal size mouse comes with just Wifi 2.4G connectivity  The mini mouse is little more expensive($20.59) than the normal size mouse($16.61).

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The Xiaomi mouse features a spectacular design which actually resembles an actual mouse. The body is made of sandblasted anodized aluminum, not plastic while the buttons and scroll keys are made from ABS plastic and are housed in a circle symmetrical to the under where the sensors are located. The foot mat is a full ring, smooth to slip with moderate resistance, which is great for sing on the desk. Both mouses sport same production material but are just different in sizes.

The both Xiaomi Mouses are scratch resistant, dirt-proof and skin-friendly coating because of the method employed in its production and both are of lightweight, weighing just 77.5g(Mini ) and 82grams normal mouse. The Bluetooth module(Mini only), power switch, and optical sensor are all located at the underbelly of the mouse. Xiaomi says the high-precision sensor has a 95% accuracy and you can even use it on a surface with frosted glass or fabric. The mouse can be paired via Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.0 LE) or WiFi (2.4GHz) and even supports connecting to two devices at the same time. The range is 10 meters though and there is a 3V battery that powers it. From this, we can see that the main difference between the two mouses is the size and Bluetooth connectivity. While the mini mouse has Double Mode Connectivity{(Bluetooth 4.0 LE) or WiFi (2.4GHz)} the normal size mouse sports only WiFi (2.4GHz) connectivity.  The mini mouse is powered by 2 AAA batteries and the normal size mouse is powered by Built-in 1.5V 40mAh 1 x AA battery.

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Both mouses are compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 devices and are both presently available on GearBest. The Mouse can be shipped anywhere globally.



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