FY FEIYUTECH G6: A Gimbal that has 3 stabilizing axes and is compatible with action cameras

For this appointment we have a guest who has previously accompanied us in this type of segment and although it is little known in the West, we do not exclude that in the future it will be able to position itself as a point of reference in terms of quality, we are talking about FY FEIYUTECH, a manufacturer Chinese that specializes in Gimbals, being one of its most coveted exponents FY FEIYUTECH Vimble 2, an excellent device to take the best photos, but we must annex that our protagonist today faithfully recreates the formula that is so characteristic of this brand. The FY FEIYUTECH G6 is a Gimbal that has a great variety of features, which allow it to climb as an ideal option in a market as competitive as this is. So we invite you to continue with us and get up close to all the facets that complement this team.



The FY FEIYUTECH G6 comes in a box with the following dimensions: 32.50 x 18.00 x 4.00 cm and has a weight of: 1,300 kg, so it remains in a similar range in this pair of aspects when compared with other devices of its same category, so the cost of transfer will vary depending on the destination of delivery and the agency that we choose for it, and within it we will find the following:

  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x USB Cable Type C
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x User manual in English


The FY FEIYUTECH G6 has a standard design that does not stand out much from the competition since it is based on the usual formula that these devices tend to present, although it will not lose its charm, because it still has an elegant and refined air. As for customization, it is available in a single color, black, which allows us to faithfully appreciate each detail in a rewarding way, achieving a masterful combination with all the devices that are connected to it. Going to its dimensions, it has 27.10 centimeters in length, 11.90 centimeters in width, 3.80 centimeters in thickness and has a weight of 0.360 kg, so, we are dealing with a team of extreme comfort when using it even with only one hand, maintaining the quality of being ergonomic.


This Gimbal is made of metal and plastic, of this two, the metal is responsible for providing greater resistance against shock, falls and scratches, while the plastic covers less vulnerable aspects and aims to lighten the weight and reduce the final cost of it. Finally, we must add that it has a 3-axis stabilizer that gives us much more precision when taking pictures or videos and thanks to this, can achieve spectacular angles, giving us the ability to rotate up to 360 degrees without any problem.


FY FEIYUTECH G6: Control panel

The FY FEIYUTECH G6 has a control panel quite simple to use, which is located in the central part of the equipment and is distributed in the following way, from top to bottom we have a small OLED screen that will indicate the basic information regarding the functions that are running, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, battery and if you are in photo or video mode. Next, we have the joystick and with it we can comfortably control the angle that the device will assume, then we have a button that will serve us to select the functions and finally, below this, we will have the on/off button.


FY FEIYUTECH G6: Synchronization

The FY FEIYUTECH G6 can be synchronized with our Smartphone or other devices through the Feiyu ON application, which is available in the Google Play store and the Apple Store, so it will be compatible with Android operating systems and their derivatives in the same way as with iOS. The synchronization will be carried out through the 2 available methods that exist to date, WiFi and Bluetooth, which allows us to expand the compatibility of devices.


FY FEIYUTECH G6: Compatibility

The FY FEIYUTECH G6 is a Gimbal that has a design that although it does not stand out at first glance compared to the competition, it manages to stand out in this aspect, since the structure of its 3 stabilizer axle allows it not only attach larger devices but also heavier and as a result can even house action cameras, an ideal feature for lovers of selfies, because it opens the way to immortalize in an incredible way our best moments and without having to worry about It comes off in full action, because as we mentioned earlier, its 3-axis support is as firm as a rock.



The FY FEIYUTECH G6 has a removable battery of 26650 lithium-ion polymer, which allows us to exchange it in case it is discharged in the middle of an adventure, on the other hand, it offers us an autonomy that can reach up to 12 continuous hours of use, a more than ideal time to record and take all the photos we want.


FY FEIYUTECH G6: Resistance

The FY FEIYUTECH G6 has a total resistance against water, which allows us to wet it in the densest rain without any inconvenience, so, if we have a device of ruggedized grade, they will complement each other, giving us the possibility to capture the best moments in a unique and incredible way.


FY FEIYUTECH G6: Specification table

Basic information
Name of the manufacturer FY FEIYUTECH
Product name FY FEIYUTECH G6
Model Gimbal
Dimensions 27.10 x 11.90 x 3.80 cm
Weight 0,360 kg
Manufacturing materials Metal and plastic
Color Black
Application Feiyu ON
Wifi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Smartphone Yes
Action cameras Yes
Model Removable battery of 26650 lithium-ion polymer
Box contents 1x FY FEIYUTECH G6, 1x USB Cable, 1x USB Type C Cable, 1x Battery, 1x User Manual in English

FY FEIYUTECH G6: Availability and price

Currently we can buy the FY FEIYUTECH G6 in the Gearbest online store for the small price of $298 (€245), although this is not all, because if we run with some luck we can enjoy free shipping, for this we should check the delivery areas that are applying for this promotion and if we are lucky we will be located among them. So we suggest you rush if you want to take advantage of this promotion since it has a time limit. Next, we will leave the purchase link in case you are interested in this beauty:

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