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Four of the Top Apps New Ecommerce Store Owners Need

Ecommerce is the growing trend in American shopping habits. It is a growing trend throughout the modern world. As such, thousands of small business stores are starting operations everyday. You may be one of these store owners trying to take advantage of the ecommerce craze.


If so, you have a lot to juggle. Whatever your online store offers, you will need to find suppliers for the products you sell, the cheapest shipping options so you can make your business as appealing as possible to customers, and managing your website and marketing strategy to expand your customer base. You will also need the best apps available for your smartphone.


These apps, discussed below, will help you manage your business even while you are away from your computer. These are important because you need to be able to respond to any issues that may arise, or adjust your business plans while you are on the go.


Google Analytics

The ability to track the traffic to your store’s website will help you adjust your business to the clientele you are drawing in. With Google Analytics, you will be able to view how many visitors your site receives in any given time period, including real time.


You can track which pages on your site are being visited the most, allowing you to see what you are doing right. This will also help you determine which pages / products on your site are not being viewed. From there, you can make a decision on how to proceed with those pages and/or products. You may want to discontinue the product, place it on another page, or redesign the page to give it more appeal.


Google Analytics also shows you where your views are coming from. It will break down the visits by country, smaller geographical ranges, days, and times of day to help you improve your business. You can also keep track of any promotional campaigns you are running. With all of this information, you may find that your marketing efforts are being focused in the wrong area of the country, or the wrong country entirely.


Shopify Mobile

Shopify provides business owners with the total solution for ecommerce operations. Not only can they provide you with a domain name for your online store, host ecommerce websites, and provide tools to make you as successful as possible, they also offer a mobile app to assist you in many functions of running your business.


Shopify Mobile is an inventory tracking tool, a sales tracker, and a payment portal all in one. You can invoice and view order statuses from the palm of your hand. You can react to any overdue payments as soon as they fall into this category. You can also respond to customer demands for refunds within the app.


This smartphone app can also connect to your suppliers. This gives you the power to act upon growing trends as soon as they begin or react to a product selling out and you need immediate resupply. You can place your order for replenishment at any time of day, making fulfillment ordering more convenient than in years past.



Using social media is a great way to advertise your business, and Facebook is the best means to reach the most people. Not only could your store reach thousands of potential buyers depending on your marketing strategy, the Facebook word of mouth will help increase that number.


Having the Facebook app on your phone will give you the ability to reach out to these thousands of people instantly. Unlike large corporations that rely on weekly sales strategies to improve their revenue streams, small ecommerce stores can react to any slumps in sales immediately.


Operators can use the Facebook app to advertise a flash sale. This could be for the rest of the slow sales day, it could be for the rest of the month. It could even be for the next hour. You can advertise an individual product, categories of products, or a store-wide sale. Whatever you do, just make sure you have enough product available to fill the orders. If not, revert to your Shopify Mobile app for reordering.



As previously mentioned above, your ecommerce store will need products to sell. You will need suppliers for these products. Traditionally, you would find a wholesaler who you would have to order in bulk quantities from in order to receive the items you wished to sell. In the digital age, you do not always have to rely on this method to get what you need.


Oberlo allows you to find the products you want to sell and make them available on your online store. Instead of having to find space in your home, garage, or shed to store a bulk amount of products, you will not have to receive a single piece of merchandise. The items you make available from the Oberlo app ship straight to the customer. No wholesaler involved, no shipping required on your end of the order.


This app could potentially save you money. Without having to invest capital into the products, you can reinvest your funds elsewhere into your ecommerce business. Since the Oberlo suppliers are handling the shipping and warehousing of the products, this creates a great business model for both them and your business. You may still need to depend on a wholesaler for some of your products, but take advantage of this app as much as you can.


So take advantage of this information and install these apps into your smartphone or company PC. Integrate them into your business model and give yourself the power to streamline your operations. With these apps, you will be able to react like no large-company store can. Receive more product sooner than the big brick and mortar stores and generate some excitement by announcing random sales. This will give you the advantage over the corporate giants – both physical and online – and your smaller competitors alike.


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