Foldable Phones 2020: Top devices launching Next Year

2020 is about 2 days away, and here we have brought you the hot topic that will be discussed in the coming year. The foldable smartphone is one of the hottest topics in the smartphone market. Samsung was the first to launch the foldable smartphone with the flagship hardware. The company sold around 500,000 units of the Galaxy fold. And Huawei was not behind to launch its foldable phone called Huawei mate X. Following with the Motorola’s foldable phone. Here we have brought the list of top Foldable phones 2020

In the upcoming year, every brand is now up to show its successor of the Samsung Galaxy fold and Huawei Mate X. Companies like Vivo and OnePlus are all set to launch its foldable phones in the coming year 2020. Xiaomi will also be in the race to get its feature in front of the market with its new foldable phone. Few of the news has been leaked that the new phone from Xiaomi will be similar to the Moto Razr. Also, there is the news that Xiaomi might come with the retractable phone. Many of the Android manufacturers are all set to push the button to launch the Foldable phones in 2020.

Foldable phones 2020: Devices likely to launch in the coming year

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: 

The second foldable smartphone from Samsung is likely to come in 2020. The second foldable phone might be called Galaxy fold 2 in India. The successor of the Galaxy fold will come with the larger screen, and the phone will not fold as a booklet. Instead of that, it will support the Clamshell folding display. And another significant change will be in the display quality. The expected change is that the resolution of the phone will increase.

Foldable Phones 2020

The phone will include an ultra-thin glass which will replace the transparent polyimide film which is now used on Galaxy fold. The possible screen of the galaxy fold 2 will be 6.7 inches and 9.1 inches for now.

2. Motorola Razr:

Recently we have seen that the Motorola has unveiled its new foldable Motorola razr with the clamshell folding. Motorola claims that they have solved all the issues that Samsung face with the first foldable phone. The sliding plates are used in the smartphone. The smartphone comes with a double screen. The one with the 2.7 inch panel and the other one is 6.2 inch OLED screen.

Foldable Phones 2020

The foldable phone from Motorola comes with the two cameras. One with 16MP senor which is in between the Quick view screen. And other is 5MP inside a notch on a bigger display. And the processor in the phone is Snapdragon 710 SoC with the price tag of $1500.

Huawei Mate X2: 

Huawei after the launch of the Huawei Mate X company is now going to launch another smartphone in next year. In the Third Quarter of Year we will see the new Huawei Mate X2 foldable smartphone. The device will launch at IFA 2020, which will take place in September. The design of the Mate X2 might be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Foldable Phones 2020

The new foldable phone will unfold into a smartphone but not into a tablet. And the processor of the phone will be Kirin 1000 processor with the 6.5 inch and 6.9-inch screen. There is another news of Huawei Mate Xs which will launch at MWC 2020 on February 24.

OnePlus Concept One: 

A concept smartphone is about to unveil by the OnePlus, which would be the future of smartphones. And the product from the OnePlus will be called Concept One. And the phone will launch on January 7 at CES 2020. The Concept One will be a foldable display phone which will be similar to the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X. According to the rumours, the phone will come with the 40W wireless charging and up to 100W wired charging.

Concept One

There are several details which are yet to reveal by the company. Along with this smartphone, the company is planning to launch the new OnePlus 8 Pro soon.

5. Xiaomi Foldable Phone: 

Among the Foldable Phones 2020, Xiaomi will be launching the latest smartphone with the clamshell design in the coming year. And the design of the Xiaomi foldable phone will be similar to the Motorola Razr. There is a hint that the company is working on the retractable phone. The company shows that the device will be able to pull into a tablet format.

xiaomi foldable phone

The rumours show that the phone will look as a standard smartphone. Also, you can pull the phone from the left end. And if you need a smart tablet, you must look for this smartphone. Also, we might get the pop-up selfie camera along with the LED flash on the front.

6. Microsoft foldable Phone:

After so many companies are launching the foldable smartphones, Microsoft is not behind. The company have announced its Surface-branded smartphone. And the phone will be called the Microsoft Surface Duo. This foldable smartphone will be the first Android smartphone from Surface with the foldable device. The expectations are that the phone will launch in the holidays in 2020 means around Christmas 2020.

Foldable Phones 2020

The smartphone will feature two screens and which can be fold together to make a compact package. The rumours show that the screens will be 5.6 inches. Panay stated how these screens are going to work with the Android. Along with how Microsoft is going to handle the problems that Samsung faces. In the video, it shows the action in the Google Play Store and the rest of the ecosystem of Android.

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