Flyme 6 Update Officially Released – Download Links Inside

Today Meizu officially released Flyme 6 Update Stable version Flyme, and we have all the details as well as the supported device. Check if your Meizu phone will be benefiting from Meizu’s latest update. Flyme 6 stable is currently available for these Meizu phones: Pro6 Plus, Pro6, Pro6s, Pro5, MX4 Pro, MX6, MX4, M5 Note, M3 Note, M2 Note, M1 Note, U20, U20, M3x and more.

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Flyme 6 Update A/Y Release Notes:

flyme update 6 meizu m1, m2, m3, m5, metal, note

Flyme 6 Update: OS Improvements

Optimise the system stability and power consumption.
April 2017 Android Security Patch applied.
Screenshots are deleted after being shared.
Optimise the quality of Wechat window video.

Settings Additions

Upgraded screenshot functionality by adding voice and video recording at the same time.
Apps split function lets you use separate work and personal accounts in all apps for more privacy.
Added thick and thin bold of system font

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Meizu Account Changes

You can now reset your Meizu account in failure to log-in. Really helpful for those who forget passwords.

File Manager

Added Recycle Bin function to be able to recover deleted files not older than 15 days.


Fixes beautification mode issues with certain functions. Save to SD card function now works without freezing and pictures are saved faster.

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Download Flyme 6 Stable Links

Download Meizu Pro 6 Plus Flyme

Download Meizu PRO 6/6s Flyme

Download Meizu PRO 5 Flyme

Download Meizu MX4 Pro Flyme

Download Meizu MX6 Flyme

Download Meizu MX5 Flyme

Download Meizu MX4 Flyme

Download Meizu U20 Flyme

Download Meizu U10 Flyme

Download Meizu M5 Note Flyme

Download Meizu M5s Flyme

Download Meizu M3X Flyme

Download Meizu M3 Note Flyme

Download Meizu M3s Flyme

Download Meizu M2 Note Flyme


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  1. Does flyme support voLTE ? My smartphone is meizu m3s , i have flyme beta version but cannot enable the voLTE even if I switch on the option and I follow what was instructed. But will the flyme support voLTE ?

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