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[Flash Sale]Chuwi Hi9 Plus at 19% Discount Price

Powerful Tablet with a 2.5K screen

Chuwi Hi9 Plus tablet: First of all, this is, of course, a device for entertainment – a large, high-quality screen with high resolution and ten nuclear Helio X27 speak for themselves. However, it has more advantages. The manufacturer has significantly expanded the capabilities of the device, adding support for the stylus and the ability to connect a magnetic case with a keyboard. Furthermore, the Chuwi Hi9 Plus tablet has a 19% discount on GearBest. Do not hesitate to look through our article and purchase this awesome multi functional device.

Chuwi Hi9 PlusThe screen has an aspect ratio of 16:10 and is equally convenient for them to use both in portrait orientation and in landscape. Frames are large and avoid unnecessary touches.The front camera for video in the center, and to the right you can see the light level sensor.

Build quality is excellent. When squeezing and twisting the body does not make a sound, the buttons do not dangle. The back is made of aluminum, followed by sandblasting to give a haze. The case is not slippery, but it collects prints surprisingly well. A small plastic insert is used at the location of the antennas.Chuwi Hi9 PlusMoreover, there is a 20% power margin. Charger without drawdown in the voltage gives up to 2.4A. When used it heats up moderately and does not make any extraneous sounds.


The keyboard comes in a separate box and looks like a normal case from the outside.But in the unfolded state, this is a full-sized keyboard. For her work does not need additional power or Bluetooth connection. It connects to a special connector on the tablet and is held with the help of magnets.The design is quite stable and in this form the tablet is convenient to use at the table. It is also possible on the knees, but the angle of the screen cannot be changed, so it is not very convenient. Chuwi Hi9 PlusIn the closed state, the keyboard performs the role of a classic cover and protects the screen from scratches and damage.Also, the tablet can work with the HiPen H3 stylus. According to the manufacturer, the stylus can work from one AAAA battery for up to 10 months, provided it is used 1 hour per day. Battery included.Chuwi Hi9 Plus pencilThe body is completely made of metal with a matte, pleasant to the touch surface. Handle weight only 18 grams.Using the stylus, you can draw sketches, take notes, and just manage the tablet.

Chuwi Hi9 Plus: Screen

The strongest side of the Chuwi Hi9 Plus tablet. With a diagonal of 10.8 “and a resolution of 2560×1600, we get a detail of about 320 pixels per inch. Maximum brightness is very high. For a room, a level of 50% is enough. 100% tablet comfortable to use even on the street. The colors are natural, not faded. There is a utility image settings MiraVision and, if desired, you can customize the image based on personal preferences. 

Work in the system

The Chuwi Hi9 Plus tablet is running the operating system Android 8. RAM 4 Gb and this is good, with growing appetites of applications – the more the better. Built-in storage at 64 Gb, but the user is available 53 Gb. This volume is enough for programs and for several large games and for a couple of seasons of your favorite series. Processor Helio X27 at the time was the flagship and was designed for top-end devices. 10 cores and 3 clusters allow efficient use of the processor for different tasks.

At the end

The main advantages are: a large screen with high details and the presence of SIM slots with 4G support. The other features are pretty good too: a processor with adequate performance, a normal amount of memory, WiFi with ac support. At Chuwi Hi9 Plus, it’s nice to read, play and watch videos. The keyboard is useful if you like to communicate a lot on the forums, in social networks. And the stylus will appeal to creative individuals.


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