[Flash Sale] KONKA KEK-15DG1828 Electric Kettle at $21.99 Price

304 Stainless Steel Electric 1.8L Kettle

A good electric kettle guarantees your healthy drink. With a large capacity of 1.8L, you can boil water quickly and save your time. KONKA KEK 15DG1828 Electric Kettle is made from natural 304 stainless steel inner layer, which is healthy and non-toxic.  It has a dry protection safety too. Now there is a sale on this product, which makes it more desirable.


Here are listed some of the protective functions of KONKA KEK 15DG1828 Electric Kettle
-Boil-dry protection, do not allow it to run dry.
– Automatically turns off when the water comes to a boil, or you can turn off the kettle by pressing the on / off button.
– Turn off electricity by itself if it heats up.
-Double layer, provide heat insulation and scald preventing.

Another advantage of the kettle is that it is boiling very fast. Being equipped with a power of 1500 W, water quickly rises up. KONKA KEK 15DG1828 Electric Kettle is powered with solid seamless inner layer. So there is not necessary to clean the dirt gap, it is convenient to wash it. There is a special LED indicator on the bottom of the kettle. It gives you an ability easily to recognize the heating of the heat when the light turns on.

Large capacity 1.8l, of KONKA KEK 15DG1828 Electric Kettle will help you to satisfy the thirst of a family of several members and save the boiling time. Furthermore, there are signs of the maximum and minimum water levels, which can be boiled.

Characteristics of KONKA KEK 15DG1828 Electric Kettle

Type: Electric kettles
Material: Stainless steel
Voltage (V): 220-240
Power (W): 1500
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Weight: 2.4700 kg
Package contents: 1 x electric kettle, 1 x Operating instructions English language


This useful multi functional KONKA KEK 15DG1828 Electric Kettle will be great present for your family. During 3 minutes you will be able to boil a water and make a tea for breakfast. Hurry up to get it.



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