iLife V5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner at $99.99 [Coupon]

Those who have used vacuum cleaners shouldn’t imagine their life without these products. Those people who haven’t got their hands on such a cleaner need to do it as soon as possible. If you don’t know what these smart cleaners can do and how they can help you, this is a great chance to get answers to all your questions. Moreover, we are offering you a great robotic vacuum cleaner named the iLife V5, which is currently offered at only $99.99 after using the coupon (code: ITGBGIU133). You just have to know cleaners from this category cost over $150, generally. So get acquainted with all of the key features of the iLife V5 and hit the buy button below the post if you think this is what you need.

I guess there are many people unaware of this brand. This is a popular series of cleaners made by Chuwi. One of the favorite Chinese brands known for its tablets and laptops. Thus you can trust it and its build quality.


Now as for the iLife V5 features, it comes with all the required modes and functions. First, the iLife V5 can scan the area and avoid dropping. Second, it comes with a powerful suction ability allowing this cleaner to climb them (max 12mm and 15 degrees).

The iLife V is great in terms of cleaning. Thanks to a 2600mAh battery, it can work for a long time. But if the job is not done and the battery is in a critical status, it will find the charger and connect to charge automatically. Other than that, this cleaner comes with a slim design at 70mm that means it can get all the narrow spaces and clear. The overall cleaning space is up to 120 – 150sqm. All job can be done in three modes: auto clean, spot clean, and edge clean. Thus it is controlled manually as well as automatically according to scheduled work.

Finally, the iLife V5 comes with ten sets OBS sensors, one wall sensor, and 5 IR receivers on the body to recognize the barrier and avoid the collision. There are two types of avoiding the barrier: either it changes the direction at the about 0.5cm distance or it slows down the speed and touches the barrier lightly, only after that it changes the direction.

This cleaner has everything you need. It will do whole cleaning job instead of you. Moreover, it works noiselessly. So the iLife V5 won’t disturb you ever. Agree $99.99 for such a product is a finding.

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