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In the modern world, wherever you spit, SMART phones, SMART watches, SMART disturbances and other “smart” things, using a traditional toothbrush is already a move. I thought and decided to join this wonderful trend too. But which one to choose? If a few years ago there was nothing else to choose from, then now the market is simply overwhelmed with offers. Then I decided to turn to my friends, who had already thrown away their “plastic assistants with a flexible head” and now are “cleaned” in their mouths with a “motorized tool”. And what? They introduce me with an Oclean Air Sonic Electrical Toothbrush, which has a 26% discount now.

Oclean Air toothbrushIt turned out that Oclean is an export-oriented new subsidiary brand owned by Xiaomi, about which almost everyone has probably heard. But unexpectedly, I faced another dilemma: it turns out that there are as many as three different devices in this very lineup, which differ greatly in price. the younger model Oclean Air even has an advantage over the older sisters: compactness. In addition, one cannot exclude such a moment that I simply may not like the electric brush, and then when choosing a younger model, financial losses will be less. Oclean Air Sonic Electrical ToothbrushThe brush itself consists of three parts: a handle with a motor, a replaceable nozzle and a protective cap so that the pile does not become dirty during transportation. In general, the compactness of the brush (length 235 mm, diameter 22 mm and weight is only 95 grams) hints that it can make you a good company when traveling. The brush is sold in two colors: mint white (for boys) and light pink (for girls). The gadget fits comfortably in the hand, which I cannot guarantee with respect to older models, because there the battery will be twice as large, which means that the pen is much thicker. At the bottom there are contacts for charging.All control is carried out by a single key, and touch, which is not very informative, because you do not feel the response to pressing. It recognizes the force of pressing and when a short touch switches on the brush, and with a long touch it switches the programmed modes. By default there are only two: more and less intense, but with the help of a mobile application, you can customize the mode for yourself. Around the button is the indicator light, which is lit white during the cleaning process, red when low charged, and flickering white when charging.electrical brushThe brush attachment of good quality has a complex working surface and a high density of synthetic bristles in the color of sea wave. The nozzle copes well with the remnants of food. The bristles come from Germany, for two weeks of use, not a single hair fell out, and the cleaning surface did not swing. Due to its small size, it is convenient to manipulate in the mouth. Charging and brush protected from water by IPX7 protocol.

You can download the Oclean application from PlayMarket or the AppStore. Turn on the brush with a short press, activate Bluetooth on the phone, and pair up two devices. smart toothbrushAnother important point: the application collects information about when you brush your teeth and how much time, gives points, if you do not forget about this procedure, it monitors the battery charge and bristle condition (it is recommended to replace the removable brush once every three months).

I really  stopped to recognize my teeth, I even began to admire them. Highly recommended product.

Mariam Dabaghyan

A writer by day and a reader by night. She believes that people with great ideas rock because they can make the world a better, brighter and colorful place. Feel free to contact me using [email protected] email address!

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