[Flash Sale] BOSCH TSR 1080 Rechargeable Cordless Electric Drill offered for 81.88$ (Coupon Inside)

The BOSCH TSR 1080 electric drill is one of the most important tools everyone should have at home. This will not only save your lot of money but also opens up windows to new possibilities and wake up the creative giant sleeping inside you. The device has been a great tool for assembling furniture and small household chores. It is a lightweight, compact screwdriver, with two speeds (for screwing in screws and for drilling). It also comes with an in-built lithium battery. The advantages of a lithium battery can be listed for a long time, the main ones are the lack of memory effect, long-term storage of charge and low mass.

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The BOSCH TSR 1080 Rechargeable Cordless Electric Drill is a high budget model of the professional line of original Bosch Professional product design for the domestic market. The device is manufacture in China at Bosch Power Tools (China) Co for the sale in the worldwide market.

The BOSCH TSR 1080 professional series tool also comes with an option to extend the warranty to 36 months, which will give you peace of mind and also check the originality, if anyone has any questions. It can be easily done by visiting the website of Bosch-pt under the warranty section. You just need to create an account, confirm the mailbox and proceed to fill out the form for a guarantee.


The name of the device, i.e. BOSCH TSR 1080-2-Li is written on the device nameplate, and the coupon (9 digits), and the order number (or picking code) is printed on the box/suitcase (e.g., 0 601 9E2 086). You just need to send them a form and get a certificate for an extended warranty. This is an unambiguous advantage of the professional Bosch tool series (for example, before the “green” series)

The BOSCH TSR 1080 Rechargeable Cordless Electric Drill comes with two working speed. The first one is for turning in and the second one is for drilling.


The BOSCH TSR 1080 Rechargeable Cordless Electric Drill is an excellent option for the “home master” a professional tool for the price of amateur Bosch (blue against green).
Regarding the design of the device, it has a position of the handle at an angle of 90 ° to the axis of rotation. This allows you to better distribute the load in another. It is very light and comfortable to use for several hours a day.


  • Lightweight, compact and at the same time a powerful tool designed for finishing work. Torque 28 N * m. Lithium batteries for 1.5 A * h
  • Original Bosch tool, with a case and a kit (battery, charging, waste paper).
  • Professional tool for the price of amateur Bosch (blue vs. green)
  • Bosch flexible power system: the device can be used with any 10.8 V battery from Bosch, the battery can be used for any 10.8 V electric tool from Bosch.
  • Extended warranty for the “blue” series three years).


  • Only one li-on battery included.
  • Enough high cost with shipping. Advantageous in the presence of coupons, points.


Overall the BOSCH TSR 1080-2-LI Rechargeable Cordless Electric Drill is a useful power tool for every household. It can be really worth it when it comes to make a hole in the shelf or assemble furniture. The presented device is produced by the popular Bosch brand, which is the key to the high-quality performance of the device.
The weight of the model Bosch GSR 1080-2-LI is only 1 kg. Such a mass ensures reliable fixation of the apparatus at a certain point, while the hand will not leak from prolonged use of the unit. You can not be afraid that the drill will be damage if it gets stuck in the material. For this, the reverse option is provided, which will start the drill in the opposite direction.
There is also an electronic overload protection option that takes care of the safe use of the unit. The device is implemented together with all the component tools in a convenient case, in which it is comfortable not only to store, but also to transport the unit.

Where to buy BOSCH TSR 1080 Rechargeable Cordless Electric Drill?

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