Five reasons why Xiaomi will become one of the leading brands of tech

Technology is the in-thing in the current generation, and everyone seeks to get the best quality, especially when it comes to mobile phones. Several factors are normally considered when buying a new phone, which is why some brands are more popular than others. You do not have to worry about how to differentiate: It is not a big deal finding an essay today that goes beyond the discussion of leadership essays, to bring you the technological updates. If you read such papers, you will realize why Xiaomi stands out amongst the other smartphone brands.  Xiaomi quality is one of the reasons that make it one of the best china-made phones. There is so much to Xiaomi that many people are yet to discover, and which can be found in essays on topics of tech-matters.

Very affordable

One of the first questions you will ask when you want to buy a smartphone is the price of the phone. That is why you will find consumers flooding the internet to get at least an essay that will guide them towards getting the best smartphone prices.

Of late, Xiaomi has taken the leadership role in defining what a good smartphone is; while still maintain budget prices for all its phones. Take, for example, the Redmi  Note, which retails at about $154. This is far less than the cost of any smartphone of its class.

Xiaomi has phones that, though having features as good as those of other high-end devices, are still sold at averagely lower prices. The MiTV2 selling at just $640 is just an unimaginable deal to any smartphone enthusiast, especially compared to how Xiaomi’s competitors sell smartphones of this caliber.

Many people consider today’s world as full of scarcity, which in many cases seems to be true. There is, therefore, a general trend by consumers to consider affordability as the chief factor in determining their product choices. With Xiaomi having a clear edge above the rest in this, they will definitely continue to enjoy a growing market share

Five reasons why Xiaomi will become one of the leading brands of tech

High-Quality Products

Many smartphone brands try to balance between quality and price. What does this mean? In this case, the price gap between different products is usually quite large. However, Xiaomi has grown to design some of the best smartphones you will find out there, and yet even for these, the prices have remained relatively lower compared to their peers. The overall implication is that what would have been the price of a lower product in the other brands, will be the price of a better Xiaomi smartphone.

It’s hard to deny that Xiaomi has excellent products — apart from the company’s high-end flagship devices such as the Mi 3 or the Mi 4.

Superb gaming features and high processing speed

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820CPU, the fastest CPU in 2016, has high-end handsets like Samsung Galaxy S7 and HP Elite X3.  This CPU has no overheating issues like was the case with the Snapdragon 810. Another unique feature is Adreno 530 that is the best GPU, being 40% faster than Adreno 430. It also consumes 40% less power. All these put together, lead to powerful gaming performance, with minimal battery consumption. With the current world growing more and more into a gaming world, it is impossible for another brand to catch up with Xiaomi unless they join in this trick-which doesn’t come easy.

High charging speed

One of the main questions you are asking on Xiaomi, just like for other phones, is “are Xiaomi phones good when it comes to charging speed?” The answer is: they are not only good, but also among the very best. Xiaomi comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820. This means it has the Quick Charge 3.0 capability, giving it a very high speed.

Five reasons why Xiaomi will become one of the leading brands of tech - Features

16MP rear camera with perfect image stabilization

Xiaomi’s Redmil Note 3 has the best camera that you can ever find in any smartphone that goes for less than Ps 10,000. Other Xiaomi phones that have amazing camera features include Mi 4 and Mi 4i. Read any genuine writing on phone quality, and you will realize that Xiaomi’s Mi5 has just some of the most classic imaging features than any phone of its value in the market. The smartphone comes with a 16MP sensor from Sony’s IMX298imaging center. It also has a phase protection autofocus.

 However, it is the 4-axis optical that image stabilization that makes this camera so special. This is the first time for this feature to be seen on a smartphone. These classic imaging features are mainly aimed at reducing motion blur when video capturing. It is expected to give better results than the traditional OISs like 2-axis.

With all these product-based advantages over its peers in the market, added to the smartly designed customer service, Xiaomi continues to write history as the fastest growing smartphone brand. The development of Xiaomi’s well-organized marketing strategies adds to this strength. The level of outreach can only mean that, while other smartphone manufacturers continue to lose their market grip, Xiaomi only continues to enjoy an ever growing market.

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