Five reasons to love the ioutdoor X – a fashion IP68 rugged smartphone!

ioutdoor is a company that has focused on rugged Tri-proof devices for many years. Moreover, these days most information about their new flagship, the ioutdoor X have been published on the internet. And through the spread of that information, the ioutdoor X has resulted in a really eye-catching device with a stylish beautiful appearance, breaking many shortcomings from the traditional rugged phones. Here we conclude five reasons on why this device is worth your money.

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Five reasons to love the ioutdoor X

1 – Professional IP68 certified

The ioutdoor X reached the professional IP68 international standard certification, which allows an immersion of 2 meters in water for more than 30 minutes. It also is dustproof. The ioutdoor X has a tenacious ability to resist falls thanks to its unique design and building material, with an anti-drop height of up to 1.5 meters. As we all know, major manufacturers are eagerly pursuing glass bodies’ full screen, which brings higher breakage risk. If you are more concerned about the device daily use safety and an IP68 shockproof and waterproof smartphone, there is no doubt that the ioutdoor X is our recommendation.

ioutdoor X Waterproof

2 – The world’s thinnest rugged Smartphone

This is the highlight point of this device, which is the first tri-proof rugged phone with a 5.7-inch full screen, an 18:9 aspect ratio, and only a 10.4mm body thin. The first words that come to our minds with a rugged Smartphone are heavy, ugly and thick, but the ioutdoor X has a good color combination and an exquisite design, a comfortable hand feeling make it stand out from the traditional rugged phone.

ioutdoor X - Design

3 – You can become a photography expert with the 16MP+8MP dual camera!

The ioutdoor X sports dual cameras on the back. This configuration consists of a 16MP main sensor to capture the main object and an 8MP sub shooter to capture depth information, bringing SLR-level bokeh, supporting night shot, and having a rich amount of light to ensure the high quality of imaging with a f/1.8 focal aperture. In addition, for selfies, the ioutdoor X sports a high-resolution 13MP sensor along with a soft light system for a better selfie experience. You can adjust the skin level as well of supporting the big-eye and face-lift effect to show the most natural beauty! In addition, the front camera also adds a 100° wide-angle function, which means that all your friends can be part of your photo! Support underwater-photography as well.

ioutdoor X - Camera

4 – Big memory combination – 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM

Download more, storage more. The ioutdoor X with a 128GB large memory (and with a support for a micro SD of up to256GB) and 6GB of RAM, it does not matter if you are playing a powerful 3D game or watching a 100MB HD video, you can enjoy a smooth and fast experience.

ioutdoor X - Performance

5 – It is the best partner for your outdoor activity

The IP68 dust-proof and waterproof protection grade along with lots of outside tools makes the ioutdoor X the most versatile phone ever built. This also means a wide use in many scenarios and applications, such as your outside expeditions and journeys; it will be your reliable friend in any serious environment.

ioutdoor X - Outdoor

Probably the fashion-est rugged Smartphone out there in the market sporting a waterproof IP68 certification. If you want to know about the others features of the ioutdoor X, visit the event’s website to have the full idea about its offerings. Meanwhile, there is a release promotion going now, and with only $239.99 you can get the device (the retail price is $269.99, limited time deal from October 15th-21th) from Gearbest, tomtop, coolicool as well as the official Aliexpress store.

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