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Five apps that have made communication easier

What Apps Are Most Helpful For StudentsIt is no wonder that this world has become a lot smaller with technology becoming rampant every single day. Communication with loved ones was once navigated through letters and phone calls, but now one can easily feel loved and close to his/her loved ones with a lot of top-notch mobile applications. Mobile applications play a very important role in connecting people. In this article I will guide you through 5 applications that have changed the dynamics of human interaction online. Ten years ago, applications like yahoo and skype would connect people in different parts of the world. However, today people can connect online via video conference on many applications. Some of those wonderful apps are:

  1.     WhatsApp

With over 300 million active users, WhatsApp’s popularity is not hidden from the world. This application plays a very important role in connecting people despite their physical and geographical differences. Earlier, the application was launched with voice call feature only, but lately the app debuted with an updated version which supports video conferencing with multiple people. WhatsApp’s good quality video calling has already impressed a lot of people. Though some countries have a ban on this application, yet it has grown rampantly down the years. It is owned by Facebook and well known for its signature green-colored handset look.

  1.     Say App

It is important to make great memories in life, especially when loved ones are not around. With saying app you can easily navigate a good quality video conference call through which you won’t feel distanced from your relatives at all.Say app is very easy to navigate and has attractive features. Ever since its inception, the app has been able to garner positive reviews by customers. Even if you relocated in a completely different part of the world, this app would make you feel close enough. This app has safe and fee video messaging along with all the fun emoji’s you want.

  1.     Viber

Just like WhatsApp, Viber also synchronizes with your Facebook account to jot down the entire contacts list. Viber users can make video calls and voice calls easily. If your friend from Facebook hasn’t installed this app in his/her phone, you can also make a billed voice call to that person. Viber’s voice quality is highly applauded by customers and liked by audience. You can share pictures, audio, documents, videos and a lot more stuff on this application. However it does charges for some calls which are not made to the app.

  1.     Skype

Though this application is cliché, yet one of the most commonly used platforms in the world for video conferencing and voice calls. Skype is the favorite desktop application for business organizations and recognized as a pioneer by some. Users can make video calls to other Skype users for free. The intriguing part of this application is that it can easily integrate with iPhone, thus uplifting the quality of the video call. I will highly recommend this app because it makes cheap calls to other people’s phones on which skype is not installed.

  1.     Tango

Tango is another flag bearer in line along with all the other apps that have changed the dynamics of human interaction online. Users can make audio/video calls, share text messages and send different emoticons. There’s a separate section for the eCards which you can send special effects with your call to the other person. There’s another app for PC and laptop so that you can make phone calls to your friends and family members anywhere in the world. The only downside of this application is that it is not as famous as the other applications are.


There is no escape from the fact, modern mobile applications have made life easier for people. Hadn’t it been for rapid advancement in technology, people would have had to wait for years to meet their loved ones. Thanks to all these applications, people can conduct businesses, interact with friends, exchange voice notes and do a lot more. Every app is unique in its way which is why consumers have a vast array to choose from. There are over 2.8 million apps available on play store which means that consumer market is crazy for a lot of stuff. Let’s see what technology unfolds for us in terms of making communication further easier.




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