In the technology industry it is difficult to keep a secret for a long time, as is often the case with the presentation of new high-tech digital products for personal use; it is the case of Xiaomi that is not only surprising the millions of users of personal technology with their Smartphones, but also with wrist devices for which health is a priority in this competitive contemporary society and changing environment. That is why we can say that it is a fact the launch of the Xiaomi MI Band 3 bracelet, which resembles in appearance its predecessor MI Band 2, but it is considerably different in its applications and accessibility.

The news has leaked thanks to the contact of the website AndroidTR with a user known as Mr. Postman in Telegram; which is dedicated to translating the Mi Fit applications into the Spanish language.

Xiaomi MI Band 3 display functions

According to this user, the MI Band 3 bracelet resembles in appearance the MI Band 2 device. Sensors to determine the heart rate of its users, and a touchscreen is one of the main qualities of the bracelet. However, the presence of a single physical button that will serve as a “home” to return to the first page is maintained. As you can see in the images, we can change to different applications both by sliding your finger up and down the screen,  so that everything seems to indicate that the way of interacting will improve a lot with respect to its predecessor that only had a button available.

Xiaomi MI Band 3 resolution

The resolution of the screen is superior to its predecessor MI Band 2, so we understand that, if the capacity of the battery is maintained, its autonomy will be reduced.  And in regards to its personal accessibility, it has a security lock.

But another one of the filtered specifications of MI Band 3 regarding MI Band 2 is that it will offer meteorological information, which is very valuable in these times of climate change; because it will provide us with data that may help us to make daily decisions regarding our daily agenda. Like knowing our heart rate, it helps us noticeably in personal health care.

We can’t be sure that this specs will be the official, but It will only be necessary to wait very little for Xiaomi again to surprise us with this device in this season of 2018.


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