The first exhibition of the new MIUI 11 takes place!

Xiaomi is very popular for all the services offered to the user, and one of the most popular is their own operating system called MIUI, which, at present, is in its tenth version, MIUI 10. For those that don’t know it, it is a Xiaomi’s custom layer that is based on Android and has around 300 thousand users. It is constantly receiving updates that progressively improve the quality and user experience. Although it was expected this announcement at some point, it has caught everyone off guard the presentation in which it was said that MIUI 11 would come with the new generation of Xiaomi mobile.

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Presentation of MIUI 11

The Xiaomi MIUI Core Experience annual meeting was recently held in China, which was led by Liu Ming, the head of Xiaomi‘s product planning department. During this conference, many things were announced, but undoubtedly what stood out most was the fact that the arrival of MIUI 11 was anticipated, specifically, it was said that this system has been officially opened, which means that it is about to enter the stage of research and development. We can know thanks to the exposure of the photos of the presentation that is considered a “new and unique” operating system.


Of course, this is true compared to MIUI 9, which was known as the “lightning fast” operating system or MIUI 10, which was the “full-screen AI system“, so it is expected that MIUI 11 is fully optimized with the development of humanized functions to provide a more refreshing user experience. This means that this operating system has much potential to exploit with respect to the previous two due to the enormous progress that has been generated since then, so expectations are quite high. In fact, MIUI 10 can be considered old because some time ago the stable version appeared in more than 40 phone models of the brand, which is why the Chinese company has decided to renew with this new version.


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