FINOW Q3 Smartwatch Pros and Cons Review

Those who are interested in smartwatches know FINOW is one of the most popular brands. We have already managed to take look at some of its products such as the FINOW Q1, X3 or X5. Though this company may seem uncompetitive to Xiaomi in eyes of Mi fans as there is the most anticipated Huami Amazfit, FINOW smartwatches are capable of winning customers’ hearts thanks to stylish design, high build quality, useful apps, support for different platforms and more. The FINOW Q3 that has become very popular during last weeks is one of those smartwatches that you can’t pass by.


I guess you know there are two types of smartwatches – standalone handsets and non-standalone smartwatches. The former one refers to those devices that can act as an individual product, thus it doesn’t require other devices to operate. Therefore, they are able to implement more functions and they cost more than the standard smartwatches. As for the FINOW Q3, we are dealing with a standalone smartwatch that is also compatible with Android devices. But there are too many features we have to categorize to understand whether it deserves the price tag a smartwatch is sold at.

Here are the FINOW Q3 Pros and Cones showcasing what features are accepted and what features are deal-breakers.


Though this device is supposed to be the cheaper version of the X5, there are considerable differences in terms of design. The FINOW Q3 housing is made of metal, while the back is made of plastic unlike the X5. Moreover, this model comes with only one button unlike the X5 that comes with three buttons. But this single button doesn’t do anything but unlocking the smartwatch. So we can say the manufacturer has made a smartwatch with stylish design.

finow-q3 finow-q3As the FINOW Q3 looks like a classic watch, it’s quite expected to see leather wristbands coming with it. But no one has thought the company will made it of crocodile leather. Though the latter is a matter of taste, I guess almost all the superior watches come with similar wristbands.

finow-q3 finow-q3

One of the most beloved features of the FINOW Q3 is thought to be the 1.4-inch AMOLED display at a resolution of 400×400 pixels. It comes with a tempered glass, thus we are dealing with a scratch resistance display.


The FINOW Q3 comes with a standard hardware including a MT6572 dual-core Cortex A7 CPU clocked at 1GHz and paired with a 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory. And though these features can’t be considered as something outstanding, they are still standard for smartwatches of this category.

This smartwatch is good when it comes to connectivity, as it supports both 2G and 3G networks as well as Bluetooth 4.0, and single band WiFi. I guess it’s unnecessary to talk about the 4G network, because I don’t know a smartwatch supporting it.

finow-q3 finow-q3

This smartwatch has a decent packaging, and once you get your hands on the box, you understand you are dealing with a superior device. Besides the fact the packaging is very attractive, the manufacturer has included a USB cable, a removable charger, and a screwdriver to remove the back cover for inserting SIM card or just looking inside. Thus the company has earned applauses.

The FINOW Q3 is known as the cheaper version of the most popular FINOW X5. The latter is priced at $130, while the FINOW Q3 can be acquired for only $100. Thus the manufacturer has tried to come in with a low pricing to attract more customers. And I have to say it succeeded.


Though we have mentioned the display as an advantage, but it has no anti-fingerprint coating we used to see on many smartwatches.

The processor and the RAM are acceptable, but the ROM is not enough, because once you downloaded and installed Facebook, Google Maps, and FB Messenger, there will be no space to use for other purposes.

The phone comes with Android 4.4.2 out of the box, and seems it’s enough to implement all the operations you need. But currently Android 7.0 is available on different devices, and we’d like to see Android 5.0 at least. Plus, do not even wait for OTA updates to fix the bugs in software, because they won’t be available ever.

finow-q3 finow-q3

Like many other Chinese smartwatches the FINOW Q3 GPS is insufficient. When the watch is on hand, there is a real problem related with fixing. So you have to keep it in pocket or IN hand to get it fixed.

I understand that smartwatches are not used for dialing or receiving calls, but if these functions are not used on smartwatches why manufacturer put them there. Anyway, the FINOW Q3 comes with mono speakers and there are no noise canceling microphones as well. This simply means you will have really problems to hear the caller and when listening to music.

Not surprisingly there is only a 450mAh battery, but are you sure it is? Actually the manufacturer has packed the smartwatch with a 389mAh battery that is not removable and has no fast charging options as well. Moreover, it will be fully charged after two hours of continuous usage.


The Bottom Line

The FINOW Q3 is a good smartwatch, undoubtedly. It comes with a good build quality and a great AMOLED display. At least, it can serve as a classic watch thanks to the list of faces. But there are many unfinished works that prevent this device to become a top smartwatch. On the other hand, it deserves the price tag of $100 it is sold at, because if we think of it as a regular smartwatch, which comes with a classic and stylish design and a number of useful apps like heart monitor or barometer. So if you have been looking for a smartwatch that looks like a regular watch, the FINOW Q3 can be the product meeting most of your requirements.


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