FINOW Q1 Smartwatch Review: Looks Like An Apple Watch, Acts Like An Android Handset

The first thing coming in our minds when we handle this smartwatch is we are dealing with an Apple Watch clone. But if you don’t idle and look inside, it becomes clear this is completely different smartwatch. And the only similarity with the Apple’s product is design. Moreover, this is a standalone Android smartwatch meaning you can put your own SIM card into it and it will act like a smartphone. Unlike other Chinese smartwatches the FINOW Q1 has won hearts of many users due to a respectable specs list and abilities.


The FINOW Q1 is thought to be a full Android smartwatch with almost all the capabilities a regular Android handset comes with. Honestly, I don’t know why its manufacturer has made it in the same design as the Apple Watch comes, as even if it looks differently, I am sure it will be in the spotlight as well. However, let’s get acquainted with its selling points and availability.

FINOW Q1 Design

Like the Apple Watch and unlike other FINOW smartwatches the Q1 comes with a square screen. There is also one button on the right side and nothing more. While many can complain this watch for a single button, those who are actually interested why it comes with it, should keep reading on. The FINOW Q1 comes with only one button, because all the rest of operations are implemented directly from the screen like you’ll do it on your buttonless smartphones.

The FINOW Q1 comes with a 1.54-inch screen at a resolution of 320×320 and with a high quality 3D single curved glass. The silicone watchbands make the smartwatch to look sportive, though many users think this is more modern look rather than a sportive. Anyway, gives additional charm to the smartwatch, and though the belt buckle is not as stylish as the Apple Watch comes with, you can stay calm –it wouldn’t slide off your wrist.

On the back it has a little place that is made to help users remove the back cover. The last has little connectors that connect directly to the phone. There is also a magnetic connector designed for charging and data transfer. So you wouldn’t find any ports and slots on the FINOW Q1. The battery is located under the back cover, and the nano SIM card slot is placed under it. There is no microSD o TF card slot for memory expansion, unfortunately, so you have to satisfy with the ROM coming out from the box.

FINOW Q1 charging

This smartwatch comes at a dimension of 3.90 x 4.60 x 1.30 cm and weighs 90 grams. There are two colors available for purchase- black and silver.

FINOW Q1 Hardware and Networks

The FINOW Q1 is powered with a Quad Core MTK6580 clocked at 1.3GHz and it is paired with a Mali-400MP GPU, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM. While you can think the internal memory is small and it will not be enough to store many apps and files, I have to remind you this is a smartwatch designed to replace many functions of your smartphones and it is not able to make all the operations you do on your handset. The FINOW Q1 is packed with a 400mAh built in battery that should serve you long.

FINOW Q1 under the cover

This device supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz and WCDMA 850/1900/2100MHz networks. I know you are thinking why it doesn’t support 4G, but it is unnecessary for such devices.

FINOW Q1 Software and Apps

As you guess such a smartwatch should come with a powerful OS, and it does. The FINOW Q1 runs on Android 5.1 that means almost all the useful features of Google’s mobile operating system will be accessible.

When the phone powers on we see a beautiful butterfly flying. Swiping from left to rightwe can unlock the smartwatch, and if there are some notifications they will appear on the screen immediately.

FINOW Q1 start screen

Unlike the round smartwatches where we tap and are taken to the homescreen, the FINOW Q1 doesn’t act in the same way, and a simple tap won’t do anything.

Swiping from right to left we go to music player. One more swipe in this direction will take to the main apps like HeartRate and Pedometer, another swipe will show a weather information

Running a certain app you can swipe from top to down to get out from the app.

As for the HeartRate app it has a nice feature that records your data and shows in a table, so you can compare how your heart rate has changed in time. The same recording option works for Pedometer too, so you can calculate how long you have worked or how many calories you have burnt.

Swiping from down to top we will open a homescreen with the standard widgets like Dialer, Messenger, Contacts and Settings. As this is a standalone smartwatch thus you can use it as a simple smartphone, you can call and text directly from the watch and see your call list and messages as well.

Swiping again we’ll get the new set of widgets like Watch Helper, Play store, Browser, Alarms

Watch Helper will allow you to connect your phone to other devices via Bluetooth, set the phone to vibrate, choose sound tips, set the watch to turn the screen on when a message is received, transfer a file and so on.

The Alarm works quite nice and you can do anything with it what you do on your regular smartphone, say you can set alarms for different week days and set different times.

The next set includes Email, gallery, Music and Sound recorder.

The Email widget is designed so that it works perfectly on that small screen, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Though there is no camera, you can receive images from another device or via email, so the Gallery widget is there to store them and display those items whenever you want.

The FINOW Q1 comes with a sound recorder built in so, you can record anything you want right with your smartwatch. You can even interview someone using it.

The next, here we see Voice Search, Downloads, FileManager, and Pedometer.

Downloads stores your downloaded files, so don’t have to look for them in all the folders located in your smartwatch, because now you know where the files are downloaded to.

Pedometer is original located in this set, but as we see it can be accessed by swiping from the start screen. Anyway, here we see a new feature called count down timer, so you can set a certain timer period you want to walk, and once the time is over, the app will calculate data related with it.

Going on- Weather, Barometer, and HeartRate.

User can customize almost everything from the settings, say you can change the ringtone, set the sound level, and decide whether the samrtwtach will vibrate when calling and so on. The same can be implemented for the screen, say set the brightness at a required level. The FINOW Q1 is great even in terms of connectivity, so you can connect it via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This smartwatch also has a Wi-Fi Hotspot, so when there is a problem with an internet connection, you can provide Wi-Fi connectivity to many people.

There is a special feature in settings called Power Saving that allows users to control the consumption and increase the battery life.

There are different watch styles to choose from. So you can long tap a start screen (where the butterfly is flying, remember?) and swiping from right to left you can see a few watch styles.

FINWO Q1 Pricing

Smartwatches have become very popular recently, and as Chinese manufacturers have joined the race, it is expected the pricing for these devices will go down. This can work for other smartwatches that have no unique features and look like this or that top branded smartwatch. But it doesn’t work for the FINOW Q1, as this smartwatch shows amazing results and winning more and more costumers. Even being priced at $71 the FINOW Q1 is one of the most attractive Android smartwatches seen in the market.


  • Magnetic Charging
  • Acting Like a Standalone Smartwatch
  • Many Useful Apps
  • Smooth Working


  • Apple Watch-like design
  • Price


We have reviewed many smartwatches and many of them don’t differ from each other that make customers to revert their eyes. But the FINOW Q1 is not from that list, as this smartwatch looks and acts as befits real smartwatches. I guess the presence of Android 5.1 and an acceptable set of hardware features are the key features of this device that can provide respectable sells.



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  1. Is it possible to charge the Finow Q1pro Smartwatch with an ACDC Adapter in the socket (wall charger).
    It is not so easy for my dautghter to charge it over the Laptop, since she doesn’t have one on her own.

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