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FIMI PALM vs DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal: Would the $149.99 Fimi Palm Gimbal worth the buy??

Do you still remember the DJI Osmo Pocket? being the smallest gimbal camera, DJI had a unique product, at least in that size. But the Chinese does not only copy other countries but also copy themselves and so the first replica comes on the market: FIMI PALM. From a purely visual point of view, the part actually looks like the DJI Osmo Pocket at first glance. Almost bold the copy. But what is it and is it an alternative to the original?

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Fimi Palm Gimbal Camera

FIMI PALM vs. DJI Osmo Pocket

First, look at the facts in the comparison. So you have an overview and find the most important information you are looking for.

FIMI PALM better than DJI Osmo Pocket

What really stands out is the many green aspects of the FIMI PALM. The three axes move in a larger radius, providing more freedom of use. In addition, the battery life is up to 240 minutes, 100 minutes longer than the DJI Osmo Pocket. Amazing! This is on the one hand on the larger battery (1000 mAh vs 875 mAh) and probably on stromspurenderen components.

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The size of the angle or angle of view is a matter of taste. Some users want the widest possible angle, as known from Action Cams. But not everyone likes the fisheye effect, ie the curved/distorted image. With such an “always-on-the-lifestyle-travel-blogger-camera” I would not want to have this curvature and DJI did that well with the Osmo Pocket. The viewing angle of 80 ° is a standard, so to speak, which we also have with most smartphones. The FIMI PALM, on the other hand, has a viewing angle of 128 °. So you get a lot more on the picture and must fear any unsightly distortions.

The touch screen is larger with 1.22 “and with the physical joystick, some users are probably also better able to cope. It is certainly a matter of habit, but I prefer to control a drone with remote control, rather than just the display on the smartphone.

Likewise, the FIMI PALM comes with built-in Bluetooth and WIFI and even has a built-in 1/4 “thread, so that a lot of accessories can be grown.

The price also differed significantly. Although DJI has reduced the price of the Osmo Pocket to Black Friday, the FIMI PALM costs in advance only about half! This is an announcement!

DJI Osmo Pocket better than FIMI PALM

The DJI Osmo Pocket also has a lot to offer that the FIMI PALM can not do. For example, although both videos can record in 4K, the Osmo Pocket creates up to 60fps (PALM: 30fps). In addition, the recorded images can be output in RAW. Whether this will be the case with the FIMI PALM is still unclear. Accessories are also already a lot for the Osmo Pocket.

A special feature is the Osmo Pocket: There is a  USB-C / Lightning connector to close the smartphone directly to the gimbal.

Not worth talking about, but DJI’s gimbal weighs 4 grams less. The dimensions of both gimbals, however, are similar: The PALM is a bit longer, but narrower and thinner.

FIMI PALM vs DJI Osmo Pocket – What’s better?

Many data speak for the FIMI PALM, but one can only really say something significant to the quality when the gimbal is finally sent. It definitely sounds really good and for the price, it will attract many interested parties. After the presale, the price should rise to the RRP of $199.99 (?180 €). At the moment, the FIMI PALM is definitely a hot candidate!



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