Meterk Filament for 3D Printer at $17.50 (Coupon)

Today Meterk brings you a special offer from Amazon, the Meterk Filament for 3D Printer is on a special deal with a 25% discount.

Filament for 3D Printer Meterk

Meterk is a company that offers a huge catalog of tools of all kinds, with the mission of offering excellent products with a relationship of quality and price according to the user. This company is responsible for distributing a series of professional equipment around the world at an affordable price. In addition, this great brand is always open to receive opinions and reviews from users since the policy they apply allows them to interact freely with the consumer in order to improve the quality, purchase experience and to satisfy the needs of consumers.

If you are looking for the best in filaments for 3D printers, to create incredible models, decorative figures or 3D models, the Meterk brand offers you the best filament for a 3D printer with high strength and rigidity thus providing a professional quality to do jobs of high precision without any problem.

Meterk Filament for 3D Printer: Unboxing

Filament for Meterk 3D Printer

The Meterk 3D Printer Filament comes in a box with a minimalist design, has the following dimensions 20.5 x 20.5 x 7.5 cm and an approximate weight of 1229 grams. The cost of the shipment should not be a very high price, everything depends on the final destination, in its interior only comes the filament with its respective reel.

Meterk Filament for 3D Printer: Design and materials

Filament for Meterk 3D Printer

The Filament for 3D Printers Meterk comes with a very simple design, it comes wrapped in a plastic reel. The filament is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PLA (Lactic Polyacid) which the combination of these materials can make a highly resistant and rigid filament, which resists temperatures from 190 ? to 220 ?, the cable has a diameter of 1.75mm, a length of 325m, and a weight of 1Kg. It is available in black and white.

Meterk Filament for 3D Printer: Positive points

Filament for 3D Printer Meterk: Positive points

  • Ease of printing
  • Very stable
  • High machining capacity
  • Resistant to chemical attacks
  • Very resistant to impacts

Meterk Filament for 3D Printer: Availability and price

If this product from the Meterk company has caught your attention and you are now wondering where you can buy it, we recommend you take advantage of the offer that is available only by Amazon for a 25% discount with the purchase of the Meterk 3D Printer Filament for only $ 17,40 (€ 14.99) just by applying the coupon FPZESVVV, which means a great reduction compared to its initial price of $ 23.20 (19.99 euros), however, it is our duty to inform you that this offer is not It will last a long time and it is necessary to hurry since the discount is valid only for the first 50 users to use the coupon, with a deadline for this next October 4.


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