FIIL T1X Bluetooth TWS Earphone Review: A Good Music System with 6.1mm Driver Unit and Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 Chip

You probably may not have heard about the FIIL company in the technology context. But it has a good presence in the wireless earbud manufacturing industry. Correspondingly, here we have reliable earbuds set from the same brand to talk about. Recently, the market received the FIIL T1X Bluetooth Earphone with various passionate features. This is the in-depth review of the headset to know more about its technicalities.

Well, it is not the FIIL’s first appearance in the earbuds market. Earlier, it had launched some full-sized devices like FIIL IICON and FIIL DIVA etc. Now, the company has initiated its campaign for the newly-launched FIIL T1X earbuds.


The FIIL T1X wireless headphone set is available for just $73 on the Geekbuying store. I will give you the link below you can click to avail the product.

FIIL T1X Wireless Earbuds Fundamental Characteristics

It is time to have some chat about innovation. The headphones are designed with a core objective of providing immersive music experience to users. Its 6.1mm driver unit combines excellent sound algorithms to be on the driving seat in the phenomenon.

By the way, the FIIL T1X design breaches the limitations to offer contextual appearance to end-users. The set is assembled nicely to obtain glorious attraction and smooth touch overall.


The producer has maintained a proportionate aesthetics for the unit as it is solely aimed to serve fitness and sports passionate. Moreover, the noise reduction policy is also converted amazingly besides the DSP algorithm. The battery life is good enough on a single charge.

To solve the connectivity puzzle, FIIL has managed the Bluetooth 5.0 edition with AAC and SBC protocols. The 10m radius range is better to listen to the favourite songs in a room area.


Overall, the FIIL T1X Wireless Headphones are manufactured with splendid attributes and succeeded in clinching the aim set for the sales.

The FIIL T1X Earbud Review: Features and Specifications in Detail

The wireless earbuds industry in on toe to welcome the devices in an eye’s blink. It is heaped with a wide range of manufacturers, striving to be on the driver seat through product innovation and quality controls.

FIIL, in this regard, has new tools but having some recognised outputs with an appraisal. That’s why we are here with the FIIL T1X earbud review to tell the audience about its various organs in detail. So, let’s start.


Let’s know something about the FIIL T1X headphone container first. Well, the headphones come in a premium box displaying the earbuds photo and model name on the front.

Furthermore, you will get fantastic drawing highlights and glossy surface. It looks pretty good in the White and black colour combination. The technical prospects are mentioned on the backside of the box.


What is inside the box? Buyer will witness the instructions page on top and the main bodies under it. The packing sits the earbuds and charging box separately. Similarly, the lower section of the box features three pairs of ear hooks for comfortable wearing in the ear canal. Alongside, it will have three pairs of ear pads of different sizes and a Type-C port charging cable.

Overall, the FIIL T1X earbuds packaging is attractive and stern to look after the devices with great care.


As usual, we elaborate on the physical appearance and build following the unboxing. FIIL has manufactured the earbuds with dual plastic segments – it is glossy skin on the front side, whereas matte on the inner side.


Further, the FIIL T1X earbuds are designed in perfect shape and stature to fit perfectly in the ear canal. The additional silicone ear hooks will also help you a lot for comfortable wearing.


As per the design, it looks quite stylish with the ergonomic and exquisite finish around. The outer side is shining brilliantly, and body aesthetics are crafted superiorly. You will find no defect on it, and the whole body is assembled correctly and nicely.

Most importantly, the ear hooks play good role to hold the earbuds tightly. It prevents the earbuds from falling during the fast running.


Let’s talk about some technicalities embedded on the headset. The front side of the FIIL T1X earbuds features a touch panel with multi-functional control as well as microphone holes. There is an LED indicator on the upper part of the headset.

Furthermore, the inside of the headphones houses two charge connectors and compensation holes near the sound guide. Users can play the earbuds in the light rain or sports as the set is IPX5 water-resistant.

What about the charging case? Well, it is built of the same texture as the earbuds. The top lid contains the company name on the glossy finish. The rest part is made of matte plastic.

Inside, the case equips magnetic connectors and landing holes for the earbuds. Similarly, it has two LED indicators to suggest the charge level of each earbud. On the backside, you will find a Type-C port to charge the case.

The FIIL T1X Wireless Earbuds Review: Sound Quality

We buy the headphones to entertain good music time through the highest possible sound quality. In case of the FIIL T1X earphones, it is sure that you are getting good sound outputs as it installs a 6.1mm dynamic driver unit made of neodymium.

It manages to produce high-end sound effects like the high-configuration headsets. Furthermore, the FIIL T1X creates dynamic sound and base using low frequencies. The base adopts very elastic and dense hue to be nice to surround the hearing atmosphere.


Additionally, the earbuds acknowledge good noise reduction policy, which relies upon the DSP technology. It will let you enjoy your favourite songs without outer disturbance in the surrounds.

Connectivity and Control Features

FIIL decides to follow the most common and impressive wireless connectivity technique. It brings the Bluetooth 5.0 edition for the T1X headphones topped with the AAC and SBC protocols. This will work excellently to provide you with quality signals within the radius of 10m.


To connect, you need to remove the earbuds from charging case. The LED light will be lit up automatically, and now, you are all set to find this model in your smartphone Bluetooth settings.

Moreover, it also delivers some control features through the touch panel. For example, single click on the right earbud will give you next track and on the left earbud will increase the volume. On pressing the left and right channel three times, it will decrease the volume and previous track, respectively. Double tapping will play/pause the song or accept/hang up the phone call.


When it comes to the power case of the FIIL T1X headphones, users will get a 50 mAh battery in each of the earbuds. The charging case bears a 500 mAh battery.


Earbuds will work for around 5.5 hours (on full volume) on a single fill. Moreover, it takes about 40 minutes to hit the 100% capacity mark.


To conclude the FIIL T1X review, the set is an impressive gadget in terms of both the sound quality and design quality. Further, earbuds ensure dense and pleasant sound output alongside multi-functional control touch features.

Overall, it is a beneficial deal to have the FIIL T1X wireless headphones for just $73.

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