FIIDO L2 Electric Bicycle now available for just $899.99

FIIDO deals with electronic bikes and more products. Now company comes in the market with latest FIIDO L2 Electric Bicycle. This bicycle built with foldable design and gives comfort ride.

Feature & Specification of FIIDO L2 Electric Bicycle:

Electronic bicycle equipped with highlight rear taillight which is protects to your bicycle and you from accident at night. During work electric bicycle working temperature is -10 – 50 degree C. Bicycle has wheel steel chain set and the wheel steel chain set has 52 tooth which gives tight and smooth grip to the bicycle during ride. The 52 tooth large chain set has greater transmission force which gives fast acceleration and goof for labor-saving. Bicycle has suspension front fork. L2 bicycle has 3-modes: first is pure human mode second is 3-level moped mode and the third is pure electric mode.


FIIDO L2 bicycle tires built with 14 inch inflatable rubber which is best for different grounds. The inflatable tires support the ground and provides suitable ride. This 14 inch tires has anti-slip texture which gives protection on slippery road.


This L2 is a folding electric bicycle so you easily adjust in your house corner. You can carry this electric bicycle in your car trunk, bus and in train. This is very light in weight but gives comfort ride. This design equipped pedals with motor so you can use pedal when you want excise and when you tired with the pedals you can switch motor mode. Pedal mode keeps fit your body.

LED light-

L2 has front LED light which plays main role at night ride. LED shows the clear path at night and also shows the dig on the road during ride.


This electric bicycle integrated with 350W powerful motor which gives the maximum 25km/h speed and gives maximum 30 degree gradient.


Display shows every movement of the electric bicycle on the screen clearly. The Display provides you comprehensive information and convenient operation. Also Display shows the mode and speed of the FIIDO L2 bicycle. Display equipped with automatic brightness which shows the reading clearly to the users every time.


The L2 bicycle built with 20Ah battery capacity which gives 85-125 km mileage in pure electric mode. Battery rated power of the electric cycle is 960Wh. The battery takes 6 hours to fully charge. This is detachable battery so you can remove this battery from bicycle.

You can buy FIIDO L2 Electric Bicycle from online websites.

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