Fifine W9, the smartwatch with Android 4.4, WiFi and a 5MP camera


The smartwatches have been introduced to the market as an attractive gadget that makes the virtual life of the user way simpler. Unfortunately, most of these devices depend almost totally on a connection with a smartphone to be used to the fullest of its potential that can be an inconvenience in a multitude of cases. That is not the case with Fifine W9.

Fifine W9 is a smartwatch made by a Chinese manufacturer, which means this device keeps the characteristic of being affordable unlike other devices from bigger brands. But this device it’s not as cheap as it sounds, what it’s true is that it’s worth every penny and here we’ll talk about why.


Features of the Fifine W9

Proportions 5.6 x 4.7 x 1.8 cm
Weight 92 grams
Colors Red, black, golden
Watch Materials Steel
Strap Materials Leather
Processor MTK6572
GPU Mali-400 MP
RAM Memory 1 GB
Internal Storage 8 GB
Camera 5 MP
Battery 600 mAh
Micro SD Slot Yes, up to 8 GB
SIM Slot Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Connectivity GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 2100MHz
Bluetooth 4.0
Spanish Language Yes
Box Content Smartwatch, charger, USB cable




This might not the device for those users, who are looking for the traditional simplicity you would find in a traditional watch. The truth is that most of the functions we’ll talk about require the use of some buttons and slots that exist in the structure of this smartwatch.

The manufacturers have decided to give this device a rectangular design with an excellent choice of stainless steel for the exterior part that coats the main screen. The strap is made of genuine leather, always remaining in an adequate color (champagne gold, black, metallic red).

The proportions for this model are 5.6 x 4.7 x 1.8 cm, as for the weight; it counts with almost 1 Kilogram (92 grams to be precise).


Independent Functionality


The Fifine W9 is really different from its competitors thanks to some characteristics that really mean a better experience for the customer. This is mainly because of its WiFi connectivity support, SIM and the possibility to expand its internal memory with the use of a Micro SD card.

First of all, the ability to connect to the internet by itself helps this device to get the most out of home networks and with that receive tons of notifications from platforms such as social media, messaging apps and any other supported app. Also, when we leave our home, we can use the 3G mobile date package and keep using it the same way.

Having an SIM in our smartphone will obviously mean we can make and receive calls from the phone itself, and we can even read send or receive SMS.

Last but not least, thanks to its Android operative system we can install a multitude of apps as long as they’re compatible with the memory of the W9, with this we don’t have to link our watch and our phone via Bluetooth to have our apps on our smartwatch. The Fifine W9 counts with 8 GB of internal memory which is expandable to up to 19 GB by using a Micro SD card.




As we said before this smartphone has an Android operative system, Android 4.4 KitKat to be exact, the manufacturers decided to use a 2 Cortex-A7 cores MTK6572 processor that operates at 1GHz, as for the RAM it counts with 1 GB and a Mali-400 MP GPU. This device has a battery of 600 mAh, this promises an autonomy way superior to that of the competition.


Screen and Camera

FiFine W9 on wrist

The panel of this smartwatch is made with IPS technology and it reaches a size of 1,54 inches with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels , that size is just enough so that we can use it without any major issues. It also includes physical buttons on the lateral area.

It has an IP65 certification, this makes the smartwatch pretty much anti-dust and waterproof, and it also counts with an amazing 5 MP camera that can take pictures whenever we want just by pointing the watch and pressing the central button that is located on the right lateral.


Differences with the ZTE W01


Comparing one with the other, the ZTE W01 counts with a totally different design by using a circular sphere and just one visible button, also the size of the screen is way inferior. Without an SIM or WiFi, it allows us to receive calls, play music or even take pictures, as long as it’s linked to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Generally, the internal components of the ZTE are way inferior, but something it has in its favor it’s the incorporation of various sensors that can measure health or exercise elements, such as a pedometer or a heart rate sensor.

You can check the review made by us of this incredible Smartwatch here



FiFine W9 on wrist

A smartwatch that works perfectly without the need of being linked to a smartphone, that’s a really big deal, we’re pretty much talking about a smartphone in our wrist, obviously, it won’t have the specifications of a smartphone, we’re still talking about a watch. The best features this device has are definitely the camera and the battery, not many smartwatches incorporate a camera, at least not one as good as this, and the simplicity at the time of taking pictures it’s really convenient, just point and press a button, and that 600 mAh battery is really good for a smartwatch. Another great feature it’s the possibility to independently connect to the internet and download apps directly to your smartwatch, either if you’re using WiFi or a mobile data package.

Something that we miss is the sensors, many other smartwatches have them, and tracking your health and exercise data was really convenient as well. The design’s indeed attractive but it’s not that great. But those are not really big issues, this device offers tons of benefits for a not so small price, but it’s indeed worth it, we recommend that if you are considering in buying a smartwatch, you take a look at the Fifine W9, you won’t be disappointed.


  • SIM and Micro SD slots
  • Android Operative System
  • WiFi and 3G connectivity
  • Incorporated camera


  • The design is somewhat left aside
  • Lack of sensors (Heart rate, pedometer, etc)


Where to Buy?

You can buy this incredible Smartwatch from this online stores:

FIFINE W9 from for 139.15 US Dollars

FIFINE W9 from for 119.99 US Dollars


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