Features to look out for while Downloading a Hotel booking app

The hotel and hospitality sector has experienced a massive boom in recent times and people are no longer waiting till their retirement to plan their dream holiday destination. And with the ease of booking all aspects of a trip online, the number of tourists to almost every destination is increasing in huge numbers. From booking airline and railway tickets, to booking hotel rooms, from booking transport to making reservations in prime restaurants, one can book online for any of these facilities. The problem here is, that the number of hotel booking app have increased to such an extent that it can become quite overwhelming at times to figure out which app will be the best suited to one’s needs. Here are some features to look out for before downloading one:

Does the App operate on all versions of Android?

It is imperative that the hotel app works and functions well on your Android device like your Smartphone or tablet. Some apps tend to work well on PCs and Windows phones, but the majority of the Smartphones today have an Android OS. Moreover, one should also ensure that the app runs on all versions of android, since it is quite possible that you use one phone for regular use, but might use a different device when you travel, and it could have a different version of Android. You will want get regular updates on your booking status and hence it is important you look into this aspect. It is also important to ensure that the previous bugs have been fixed.FabHotels Android app run smoothly on all Android devices, making it a premium choice for consumers.

Does the App have all the Necessary Filters?

Go through the description of the app before downloading and ensure that it has all the necessary filters, especially those pertaining to tariff details. This is a standard feature for budget hotel booking appssince the pricing of the rooms are the primary criteria of room selection in most cases. Other filters would include room view, hotel transportation with pick and drop facility, whether the hotel is kid friendly or not, whether the elderly have special services for them or not, whether the hotel is pet friendly or not, and whether there are additional services like room service and laundry.

Will the App allow Online Transaction?

Those who believe in quick transactions and would like to book their ideal rooms as soon as they have found it will benefit from an app that has an online transaction facility. Some apps just provide the relevant info about hotels and destination while the actual booking has to be done by third party websites. FabHotels budget hotel booking appwill allow you to immediately book your rooms and the secure payment method will keep all your transactions and bank details confidential.

Does the App Support GPS?

Hotel apps that have GPS can be real life savers, if you are traveling to an out of the way destination or if you have made a last minute planning for a trip and have not had the time to book room prior to your visit. The GPS feature in the app will help you understand your location and the hotels that you can find around you. Many users tend to find with the Hotels near me feature and this is great for locations which you are not particularly familiar with and have little information available over the net.


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