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The Mi Notebook Youth edition and Xiaomi Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock has been released to accompany the MI 8

Xiaomi has released an alarm clock with AI and a new laptop.

A few days ago, Xiaomi has launched an alarm clock with AI and a new laptop designed to accompany the new Mi 8, the new Xiaomi Mi Notebook youth edition, is the last offer in the notebook segment of the brand, presenting itself as a slightly different variant of the 15.6-inch Xiaomi Mi laptop. The new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition comes with a metal housing and a thickness of 19.9 mm. Accompanied with a 15.6-inch Full HD screen and Windows 10, the heart of this new notebook is an 8th generation core i5 processor, paired with 8 Gbs of RAM. And the Nvidia MX 110 of 2 GB, with 128 GB of SSD storage, and 1 TB of hard disk respectively.

Mi Notebook youth edition

the Xiaomi Mi Notebook youth edition, offers us an independent digital keyboard, high power 3W speakers, which improve the overall sound section of the laptop, in addition, this device comes with a dual fan cooling system and double air vent, as we had seen in previous presentations both in the Xiaomi Mi gaming laptop, and the Xiaomi Mi gaming laptop 2. In terms of connectivity features, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook youth edition includes a three-in-one card reader, an ethernet port, HDMI port, USB 3.0 ports, and a headphone jack. This Notebook was finally presented at a price of € 574 or $ 675.53.

Mi Notebook youth edition

In addition to the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition, Xiaomi has announced the smart Xiao Ai alarm clock, with built-in voice assistant. The Xiaomi Xiao Ai Smart Alarm clock is based on a dynamic sound system that gradually increases the volume. After you get up the Gadget can tell you how is the weather, and other things that can be configured through our Smartphone, thanks to the interface of the Mi Home application.

The Xiaomi Xiao Ai Smart Alarm clock

This alarm clock has the characteristic of being able to help you to sleep, for this purpose, it registers different types of quiet sounds and reproduces them while you sleep, Xiaomi Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock can remind the task you have to do. You can manage alarms and reminders through the internet, thanks to your smartphone and the Mi Home application from Xiaomi.

In other stages of the presentation was possible to observe how the Xiaomi Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock can control the air purifier, the smart vacuum, the fans, the air conditioning, and many other smart products for the home.

The Xiaomi Xiao Ai Smart Alarm clock

The Xiaomi Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock has a set price of 149 yuan, which would be approximately € 17 or $ 22 to change. However, as far as is known, unfortunately, this watch will be useful only if you know Chinese and live in China, since the Xiaomi AI is only in Chinese.

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