A fan sued Xiaomi for not keeping its promise to dine with its CEO, Lei Jun

A fan of Xiaomi in China is suing the big and well-known company for not keeping its promise to hold a dinner with the company’s co-founder and CEO, Lei Jun. The official website of the Haidian Court in Beijing revealed the case as a contractual dispute, and reports indicate that this has been accepted by the court.

This case has been presented by Mr. Yang, who believes that the content disclosed by Xiaomi in its official online store was unilaterally promised and is legally binding, also demanding that the company has to offer the promised reward.

A fan sued Xiaomi for not keeping its promise to dine with its co-founder, Lei Jun

A Mi fan sues Xiaomi for not honoring their promise

Mr. Yang says that Xiaomi’s refusal to honor its promise not only damages his feelings as a “company fan”, but that also constitutes a contract violation. He also adds that he should be compensated for the losses caused, including a total of 24,000 yuan (which would be approximately $3,491) in notary fees and legal fees.

This fan alleges that Xiaomi had publicly announced a contest in August last year related to the sales of the smartphones launched at that time, where the reward was a dinner with the co-founder and CEO of the company, Lei Jun. There were three winning options, and the participant had to comply with any of them, which includes the sale of more than 300 units of the Xiaomi Mi 5X, the sale of more than 300 units of the Redmi Note 5A or the sale of more than 400 units of the Mi 5X and Redmi Note 5A combined.

A fan demands the great company Xiaomi

This fan states that he participated actively in the contest and met the necessary criteria, selling a total of 523 Redmi Note 5A phone units during the contest period. Also, he states that when he contacted the company to obtain the reward, Xiaomi explicitly refused, even after a couple of negotiations. The plaintiff believes that this is a contract violation and has sued Xiaomi for compensation.

Currently, the case is being audited in the Haidian court in Beijing, China.


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