Excelvan X8 Pro Ultrabook With 14.1″ Screen at $307.28

The new version of the MacBook Pro was released just recently. But its pricing varies between $1299 and $2799. What do you think how many regular customers could afford themselves to get their hands on it? On the other hand, there are myriads of customers that don’t want such a powerful laptop. A regular notebook with a modest hardware will be enough to handle their daily tasks. For all those cases, we recommend more or less known Chinese brands that are offering MacBook-like laptops with modest hardware and a wallet-friendly price. One of such laptops is the newly announced Excelvan X8 Pro. At this moment, the 6+64GB version is sold for $307.28, while the 6+128GB model costs $349.06.

Excelvan X8 Pro

The first thing that catches our eyes when looking at the specs list of this laptop is the screen. The company is promoting it as a 2K screen, but actually, its resolution is 1920*1200 pixels. As you know, the 2K resolution comes with 2048 × 1080 pixels. Anyway, we have to write down the Excelvan X8 Pro is packed with a 14.1-inch display that provides more delicate and detailed images, making the picture bright and vivid.

Excelvan X8 Pro

The second highlighted feature is the processor. It’s one of the best offers in its price range. The Excelvan X8 Pro is equipped with an Intel Celeron J3455. This SoC comes with four cores clocked at 1.5GHz (at 2.3GHz when burst) and paired with an Intel HD Graphics 500 GPU. As we said, the laptop is also packed with a 6GB of DDR3L RAM. So you have no reason to worry about the performance it provides. Here is a trick – if the memory exceeds 4GB, the chip will provide a good performance. As our protagonist is packed with a 6GB of RAM, a smooth and stable performance is guaranteed.

Excelvan X8 Pro

As for the rest of features, the Excelvan X8 Pro supports a dual-band WiFi, and comes with a low-res front camera for video calls, a dual-speaker, 2 USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot, mini HDTV, DC-in, and 3.5 audio jacks, a 4000mAh battery supporting 12V/2A power, and Windows 10 out of the box.


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