Excelvan Q8 4K Recording Action Camera Offered at $41.99

Obviously there are many action cameras, and most of them are capable of recording 4K videos. But only a few of them are popular. Probably, it’s related with the brand they carry and the specs list they come with. The action camera I want to talk about now is known to them who likes and uses these gadgets in everyday life. Meet the Excelvan Q8 that has got a big price cut and offered for only .99 if using the coupon (code: ExcelvanQ8ES).

Excelvan Q8

The Excelvan Q8 sports a 2-inch LCD screen at a resolution of 320×240 pixels, 900mAh battery that charges in 2 hours but keeps the camera alive for about 70 minutes, Allwinner V3 chipset, and a 16MP camera with 17mm lens and 170 degree wide angle. This camera is capable of recording 4K videos at 30fps, 2.7k videos at 30fps, 1080p videos at 30fps as well as 60fps, and 720p videos at 120fps. It also supports slow motion function. Another useful feature – this camera has a loop recording function, thus when the TF card is full, the camera will automatically delete the front videos. The camera is great for photo shooting as well – it supports multiple photo shooting modes (timed shot (3s/5s/10s/20s), auto shot (3s/5s/10s/15s/20s/30s), and burst shot (3pcs/5pcs/10pcs)).

One of the selling points of the Excelvan Q8 is the remote control functionality via WiFi. You can connect your phone through WiFi and see the videos recording via the camera in real-time. As for connectivity, this action camera also comes with a HDMO out port to connect it various devices and enjoy your recorded content on big TVs. Finally, the Exelvan Q8 is waterproof up to 30m depth.

The camera is originally priced at $51.60, but you are given a unique chance to acquire the Excelvan Q8 for only $41.99 if using the coupon (code: ExcelvanQ8ES).


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