Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector now available for just $55.99

Excelvan is a new and creative company which has resolved to provide its customer with the best quality high-end electronic devices at a reasonably affordable price. The products it offers have a wide range, projectors, tablet PCs, car gadgets, and smart home accessories to name a few. The company promises the best quality products, especially in the field of projectors. As the company itself says that you’ll have an experience of a cinema hall at your homes at an affordable price. A compelling and influential device provided by the company for its customers is the Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector.

Excelvan is the powerful mini projector with a very sleek design. Especially designed for children to use. It comes with two High Definition in-built speakers. These speakers can be used by children to watch their favorite cartoons, animated series, and TV shows. It can also be used to play games and listen to music. Enough of the introduction, now let’s hop on to the features this cute little projector offers.

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Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector


Picture quality

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector has an amazing projection effect, with a native resolution of 320 x 240. It can support a maximum of 1080p videos playing on it. The projector combines with 800: 1 truly contrasts ratio. The colors it displays appear diversely and is very vivid to look at. It has 16.7 million colors to display. Hence, it provides an amazing picture, which almost seems real. It is neither too bright nor too dull.

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector


Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector’s brightness (which is 70-lumen scientific brightness, to be precise) is fairly optimum for the delicate eyes of kids. Their eyes won’t be harmed even if they watch something on this for prolonged hours and the eyes won’t feel tired even after a long time of watching. The eyes of the children are very sensitive to the rays projected on the screen, but this product makes sure that the eyes of kids are intact for the long run shortly.


Another good feature about the projector is that it comes with two high definition speakers, as called by the company, two High Fidelity ( HiFi) 2W speaker makes it better than the other products as many products in this range doesn’t have these built-in speakers which are of great advantage. These speakers not only serve as a purpose of just the speaker with some low-quality sound, but the company also gives you the guarantee of High definition audio output from these 2W speakers.

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector

Watching films and animated movies with great sound effects are just a button away you don’t need to connect any additional speakers for the amazing output.

Power Consumption

This amazing product from Excelvan needs  12 Volts and 2A current to work on. It consumes the least amount of power in this segment, and you can use this projector without caring about your electricity bills. This won’t burn a hole in your pocket as it just consumes 10W-24W power for the smooth functioning. For about  5-6 hours of working it generates merely a dollar bill for continuous use.

Simple to Use

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector

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Excelvan Q2 is simple to use for the children and parents as well. The product comes with a simple small remote which has to the point and self-explanatory buttons which describe themselves for the easy understanding of the operation. It also comes with a  manual focus dial which helps the user to manually focus as needed by the user. It has been made keeping in mind the mindset of children and how conveniently can they work with.

Variety of Interface Selection

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector comes with one HDMI port which enables any user to connect with HDMI interface providing High Definition Video Quality. We can also connect with USB drive if anyone has any kind of data in USB we can connect it with this amazing projector.

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector also comes with AV port and TF card for connection with any kind of devices. The company assures you with uninterrupted entertainment for your kid as it has no connection bars or restrictions. It is simply available for every kind of common support available.

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector


The round portable design makes Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector highly portable for the kids. So they can use it anywhere they want. It is lightweight, and the handle attached to the body of the projector makes it easy to carry. And provides a great grip to take it away at various places. It can easily fit into a bag or a purse and can be taken along when you go for camping or to your relative’s house and have a great movie night.

The unique feature of Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector that no other projector in its segment is its shape. As the product is children focused and oriented it comes with a commendable cubical design with smooth curved edges. The sharp edges may be harmful for small children and users, but curved edges make sure that no children get hurt from the sharp objects in the product.

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector

Large Screen

Most projectors of this segment can project lesser size of images, but this amazing projector can project a large screen of at least 70 inches. It can project anything, in its enlarged size, anywhere. You can project a screen as big as 70 inches in a small room which is just 3m long. The projection size is variable, depending upon where you are using the projector and what is your requirement. It can be adjusted between 24 inches to 70 inches. The projection distance may vary from 0.8m to 3m.

Lamp Life

Most projectors have to be used, keeping in mind that they do not overheat and their lamps may get damaged. But this little appliance right here has an effective cooling system. The cooling system helps to extend the lifespan of the projector by a considerable period. The lamp life of this projector is 30,000 hours. So you can watch whatever you wish for, without worrying about the lamp getting damaged or having any sort of problem.

Some More Applications

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector helps in a lot of things just like any other big projector. The gadget can be used to project your planetarium on the roof of your house. Also, Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector helps during Halloween to make your house look fancy. Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector also helps as a stencil for some murals and graffiti art. You can use it as a home theatre for having great movie nights with your friends. And relative or binge watches your favorite shows on a big screen, and for purposes such education of kids.

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector

As it is clear, there are a lot of features of this Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector which already makes it a good option to be bought for yourself, and for your children. But there are some technology conscious people out there, who want to buy nothing but the best. So now, let’s talk about the specifications of this impressive projector.



This projector is rather high-tech, considering the fact that it is like a mini projector. The projection technology it uses is the classic single-chip LCD which creates color from white light. And the image generates on the LCD panels, and after each color filters through its LED panel, the final image reflects out through the lens, and you obtain a protection.

The native resolution is 320 x 240, and the supported resolution is 1920 x 1080 which means it fully supports complete High Definition picture quality and won’t let you down by compromising on the picture quality. As we know that the brightness is 70 lumen. And it will not hurt your eyes even if you watch something for a very long time. Hence protecting your eyes from strain and keeping them healthy. The Contrast ratio is 800: 1 and the Aspect Ratio is 4 : 3 & 16: 9 which ensure that the images are not blurred.

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector

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The colors are very bright and vivid. And you can judge the diverse nature of colors as the projector offers full colors ( 16.7 million colors). The focus on the projector is manual focus. The best projection size is 20-60 inch, varying on the distance of projection, which is perfect when the projection distance is between 0.8 meters to 0.2 meter. The throw ratio 1: 6: 1 and the lamp is a 10W LED lamp with a lifespan of 30,000 hours.

It consists of other ports to connect various devices. 1 HDMI port, 1  AV port, 1 USB port, and 1 TF card. The projection openings or modes are front, rear, and ceiling which allows it to project images from all sides.


There are two Built-in Dual speakers of 2W each. And with a resistance value of 4 ohms, which can be very useful to teach kids about various stuff. The preloaded on-screen display language it supports is Chinese, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and German to name a few. Overall, it supports at least 23 languages.

Support Format Videos are Full format support, and Audio formats which are compatible with this compact device are MP3/ WMA/ OGG/ AAC/ FLAC/ WAV/ and APE which is quite a variety.

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector

Text format on this device is TXT, and the power voltage is 12 Volt  2 Ampere. The amount of power it consumes is from range 10 Watt to 24 Watt. Hence it is environment-friendly, as it works on energy saving technology and uses fairly less amount of electricity.


Optimum operating temperature as advised by the company itself is 0 to 40 degree. Celsius/ 32 to 104 degree Fahrenheit ( 0 – 1500m) and the operating humidity is 20 to 90% Relative Humidity and storage humidity has the same value of 20 to 90%. Hence, you can use in a hot and humid weather and outside too, when the weather is humid. As the lamp will not even get damage as it has an efficient cooling system and the design of the projector can bear severe humid conditions.

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector

It comes with a warranty of one year and is easily replaceable and repairable by the company. It is portable as the size of the projector is 105 mm x 103 mm x 110 mm, and the weight of the product is 429g and is the size of our fist.


Final Verdict :

Excelvan Q2 is the best projector in its segment mainly due to its cost-effective price and portable nature. The sleek design makes it flawless to use by children and even people of all ages. It has the same interface as most of the projectors which use to make home theatres. And it gives the kids maximum pleasure and freedom to watch anything they like. Listen to whatever they want as you can use it as a loudspeaker. And hence, help little kids to develop talents. Play any games and even learn and read something in a very interesting way.

You can use it for hours as the temperature is effectively low for extra durability of the electronic components by an efficient cooling system.  Deliveries of this product are available in many countries, so it is easy to find and buy one for yourself.


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