Excelvan Q2, A Projector for Kids Offered at $49.99 [Coupon]

We know there are many manufacturers focus on kids products. But usually, their products cost more because this is the only business they run. Therefore, they want to get more from a single product. On the other hand, there are a few other brands that are making products for various categories of consumers. Plus, they design tech products for various niches. This simply means they can bring the experience earned in other fields to the new ones. One of the best examples is the Xiaomi MITU Mini RC Drone. It is a full-featured quadcopter for kids though. Something like this has been made by another company. We are offering to take a look at the Excelvan Q2, which is a full-featured projector for kids. It is offered at $49.99. So it can become a good first projector for those who want to experiment with such products.

Excelvan Q2

Generally, Excelvan is not a newbie in the tech industry. Besides numerous projectors, it has also managed to design and launch laptops, sports cameras, tablets, and other products. However, the projectors are its main business. So it’s not accidental to see it launching a projector for kids.

Actually, the Excelvan Q2 sports all features to meet the daily requirements of kids. Thus, it’s not a simple toy but a genuine projector. The first thing we are interested in is the picture quality. The Excelvan Q2 supports up to 70-inch projection with a 1080P maximum resolution. However, you will get the best effect at 20-60 inches. It supports 16.7 million colors for vivid details. Obviously, the highest resolution will get when putting it too close to the wall at 0.8m. If not, the native resolution will be 320 x 240.

Excelvan Q2

By the way, the focus is adjusted manually. Though many wouldn’t like this feature, it could be a good experience. The Excelvan Q2 comes with a 10W LED lamp that can serve up to 30.000 hours.

The Excelvan Q2 is a compact and portable projector coming with dimensions of 10.00 x 10.20 x 11.00 cm and weighing 1kg only. So your children can carry it everywhere they go. So there is also a built-in speaker. Apart from this, on the back, we can find a few interfaces to connect various peripherals and use its capabilities fully. Among them, we can mention an HDMI port, an AV jack, a USB port, and a TF card slot.

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