Everything To Know About ShareMe 5 Headphones

The first thing about the ShareMe 5 headphone is the simple flowing composition with the primary logo on each part of ear cup and concealed button restraint. There are many headphones available with Bluetooth functioning and some assortment of buttons, but this device offers a few that are clandestine but assessable for user control.

ShareMe 5 Headphones
ShareMe 5 Headphones

ShareMe 5 acquires 40mm diameter components with a frequency feedback of 19Hz to 20 KHz. Frequency response is very relevant for wireless headphones to keep at least 40mm systems to give solid ecstasy, clear sound and a powerful bass.
The wireless capabilities of this headphone device can be tested at up to 0-10 meters. This device also contains a microphone to response calls and gives an additional facility to redial the last person’s number that calls you. You only need to charge this device for 2 hours, and it will produce sufficient power for 16 hours invariably use to hear your favourite music.

If you like to make this device a wired headphone, then MIXCDER provides a quality and durable cable for this conversion.

Review of ShareMe 5

MIXCDER’s Headphones as ShareMe 5, ShareMe Pro and ShareMe 7 always contain a similar feature that there is no static type of noise available. This dreadful functionality is available in many headphone devices which make this ShareMe 5 a fascinating headphone for the modern generation.


Some properties of this wireless headphone like frequency feedback of 20Hz to 20 KHz, 40mm width drivers and a 32-ohm encumbrance or resistance make its audio traits immense favourable for many music genres.

This MIXCDER’s new headphone provides a sound that makes your mind stress free. I felt it in the right way when I settled EQ to a range of 120 to 1000 Hz. In the case of some other terms like treble and bass, ShareMe 5 Bluetooth headphone provides you with an amazing experience of sound quality.

This device material gives you a very smooth hard plastic type of ambience. I think, it feels akin to a matte finish category of devices. You can easily quirk this Bluetooth headphone because it works on the potent folding mechanism.

Folding mechanism of ShareMe 5 Headphones

So, I can say that ShareMe is a lasting wireless headphone. In the case of earcup and headband material quality, it looks a moderate level product.

These device components are made with the real alleviatory materials. In these headphones, the leather fixings don’t perceive hard or inconvenient. So, I can say this MIXCDER’s headphone provide you with a best comfortable experience.

ShareMe 5 is a wireless or Bluetooth headphone that works on a battery. So it is necessary to talk about the battery life of this headphone. I can say that battery life of this wireless device is just moderate.

ShareMe 5 Headphones

Power System of this invention contains neither pros nor cons. But in the range of this price, it is a pertinent device on the basis of its battery life.

If I talk about its charging port, then ShareMe 5 ensures a USB port with a Micro USB cable that is available with this item. In the case of microphone characters, this ShareMe Bluetooth Headphone does not include and advance specifications and properties. But it provides some unique features like picks up sound, simplicity and last call redial option.


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