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Ergonomic Mouse VS Normal Computer Mouse

Today either at offices or at homes, technology has provided us with two different types of mice: the ergonomic mouse and the normal computer mouse. The ergonomic mouse is a wrist-friendly mouse designed to get rid of muscular straining which brings us discomfort during the use of the mouse. It has different shapes which include: The Vertical Mouse which helps reduce wrist and forearm pain, and the Roller Bar Mouse which ensures a direct frontal use of mouse effectively thus avoiding any neck and shoulder problem which often arises by reaching out to the side of a large keyboard for the mouse. The best ergonomic mouse has a different dimension because it is designed with human differences in consideration.  

On the other hand, the normal computer mouse is a device commonly attached to the computer. It is flatly designed in such a way that a user-grip of the mouse positions the hand (palm down) and the forearm in an imbalanced way. A grip of the normal computer mouse allows some bones in the forearm to be crossed. And this crossing results in the growth of more muscles in the forearm which in turn leads to tiredness and muscles straining. Although it is a traditional mouse, its innovation has led to the invention of the ergonomic mouse. Unlike the ergonomic mouse, it has different types with a similar shape. One can have a single button while another may have many buttons along with a scroll wheel. It could also be in wired or wireless form. It may also have trackballs or use optical light to detect movement. However, the way it functions, its design is only restricted to its performance, so it doesn’t consider its user’s health. Nevertheless, the advent of the ergonomic mouse restores and repairs the lapses of the normal computer mouse in several ways.

Firstly, it is user-friendly and wrist-friendly.

It allows its users to enjoy a relaxed elbow thus eliminating the possibilities of weakness in the arm. Also, it allows for the adjustment possibilities to perfectly fit its user’s hand and ensures a more natural and simpler grip. It is unlike the normal computer size which doesn’t respect the user’s size of the hand. Sorely, the users of the normal computer mouse flex the tendons of their fingers or forearm. One could imagine a child with a small hand struggling to spread his or her fingers across the normal computer mouse. It could lead to injury, pain and even tiredness. In such a situation, the ergonomic mouse will ensure a better grip that effortless and energy conservative.

Secondly, because an ergonomic mouse is user-friendly, it enhances the efficiency of the computer users.

Yes, it affects the zeal and enthusiasm of users to work. So, a user is bound to be faster in computer operations thus increasing the general level of performance because everything is almost effortless. The user of the ergonomic mouse won’t have any cause to always grip and re-grip or hold and re-hold the normal computer mouse which often slips on its mouse pad. Of course, it has to be that way because the ergonomic mouse is dynamic in shapes and sizes and not static like the normal computer mouse

Conclusively, though the ergonomic mouse is costlier than the normal computer mouse, mouse users would consider health before price.

Mouse users will understandably accept that the ergonomic mouse prevents health damages like carpal tunnel, arthritis, wrist pain and thumb pain. Apart from the fact that both are durable, it is important to know that the ergonomic mouse is more fashionably designed and technologically modern.


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