The renovation of the Xiaomi toilet seat has arrived

We know that Xiaomi is a brand that ventures into endless markets, it is no surprise that it has manufactured everything for your bathroom, from toothbrushes to its own toilet paper, the company is not afraid to venture into this sector, that’s why it has decided to upgrade the smart Xiaomi toilet seat.

The Chinese brand has already launched toilet seats on a couple of occasions, such as the Xiaomi Warm Toilet Seat or the Xiaomi Heatable Toilet Seat, now comes the new generation of these seats, with a display of improved features, plus a renewed design in order to offer a more balanced appearance and look less robotic.

The Xiaomi toilet seat costs less than $160

Xiaomi toilet seat

This new Xiaomi toilet seat is made with the best quality materials and resistance, among these is ABS plastic that gives this product a long lifespan and improves its design. The seat controls are on the side and incorporate lighting for use in situations of low illumination.

The controls of the Xiaomi toilet seat can perform many functions, like adjusting the temperature of the seat and activating the flow of water for the intimate cleaning, it even features a tank of special water to be disinfected after each use. The best of all is that it syncs with our smartphone through the Mi Home application. The cost of this product is $159.18 (€ 138), we hope that it will soon reach online stores.

Source: XiaomiToday En Español

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