Enkeeo Waterproof Bug Camping Zapper Lantern – A Bug Killer with 2000 mAh Rechargeable Battery For Only $24.99

Many summer camps are almost closed now and I have already received tons of complaints from parents about their children because they didn’t go camping with a trustworthy lighting system. For this reason, I looked up a couple of products and I found one perfect match to solve that problem. Interestingly, this product does not just provide light, it also eliminates one of the greatest problems in camps, BUGS. Fumigation and insecticides nets are not a guarantee for bug safety in camps, for Christ sake, camps are in the middle of nowhere with swarms of vegetation and probably a cool swamp or stream a few yards away; the perfect breeding site for bugs not to mention the chemicals from fumigation which definitely many kids will react to. This should not deter you from sending that wonderful kid to camp, he needs the experience, instead, we should seek for a viable solution. The Enkeeo camping lantern with bug killer does a wonderful job when it comes to illumination and elimination. If camping for your kids is non-negotiable or you live in sub-Sahara Africa where bugs in cities are as powerful as the king of the jungle and electricity is seldom guaranteed, then you should probably read this article with rapt attention.

Enkeeo Waterproof Bug Camping Zapper Lantern

The Enkeeo Camping Lantern with Mosquito Killer – The Details You Need To Know

The Enkeeo camping lantern with mosquito killer has two sections, the lantern and the zapper sections which can run independently or concomitantly. This 2-in-1 zapper lantern is a combination of camping lantern and bug zapper with 360 nm – 400 nm ultraviolet light which attracts bugs within the 5m/16ft radius and eliminates them. This lantern comes with a cordless, super lightweight, and compact design which measures only 88mm x 129mm weighs only 400g and can be easily carried with you when you’re outdoors. This lantern is currently available in orange, green and black colours.


The Enkeeo camping lantern has three different lighting modes, which provides you with three different lighting intensity. The different lighting shades are high light with 100% lighting (180 Lumen), normal light with 50% lighting (90 Lumen) and low light with 20% lightning (30 Lumen) thus this product is perfect for studies, midnight tales and for kids who are scared to sleep without a lighting system.  It ships with a removable lamp shade which offers you soft/non-soft light and it is designed to be put in both ways. You can hang it up on a string or a tree branch, or you can put it upside down like a ground lamp. It is easy and safe to use as it comes with a retractable hook, a removable lamp shade, and plastic cage to protect you from touching the inner wires. This product is designed with 4 0.06W LED (SMD 2835 6000K-6500K) bulbs for optimum lighting.

Enkeeo Waterproof Bug Camping Zapper Lantern

Elimination (Zapper)

The zapper lantern uses 360nm-400nm UV light (highly attractive to mosquitoes) to lure bugs to the killing grid (within 16ft) – where it gets zapped. No chemical lures are required which is great for the kids and it can be cleaned with running tap water because it’s highly waterproof (IPX6 rated), making it much cleaner and safer than its chemical counterparts. It ships with a zapper voltage of 1000V.

Enkeeo Waterproof Bug Camping Zapper Lantern


I know that by now, you will be curious to know the battery capacity of the Enkeeo camping lantern because I have stated earlier that it is perfect for outdoor purposes and in areas with low electricity guarantee. This product sports a large built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable battery and without a power consuming chip or an operating system, you can be sure it will deliver a long work time. It has a 20 hours’ work time for low lighting, 12 hours for normal lighting and 6 hours for high lighting. It can also work for 15 hours if you are using the zapper feature only. This ensures that you are protected from annoying mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases when you’re sleeping or camping. It has a full charge time of 2 – 4 hours with an input voltage of 5.0±0.2V and an input current of 900mA±100mA

Enkeeo Waterproof Bug Camping Zapper Lantern

The Selling Points

  • Portable, Superlight & Compact design
  • Variable Lighting Intensity
  • Does Not Use chemicals
  • Highly Water Proof (IPX6 rated)
  • Large Battery

The Down Points

In all honesty, I don’t see any downside to this product. Maybe you could suggest one in our comment section below

Price & Availability Of The Enkeeo Camping Lantern

This product is currently available on Gearbest for $24.99. If you are interested you can purchase it with the link given below:



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