Enjoy Good Music With The RUIZU X08 8GB Digital MP3 Player For Only $27.11 [FREE SHIPPING]

Music is a part of our everyday lives. Our smartphones are currently overloaded and overworked because we use it for multiple functions. We can segregate these functions and fully utilize our smartphones to its full capacity. The  RUIZU X08 8GB Digital MP3 Player is fully devoted to delivering good music. Its 8GB internal capacity means that you can have enough space for at least 2000 songs. It is also equipped with space for expandable memory up to 64GB which further gives you more memory. Let’s take a look at the details of this device

RUIZU X08 8GB Digital MP3 Player – Fully Devoted To Good Music

Design & Appearance

The most attractive feature of most MP3 players is their portability. The RUIZU X08 8GB Digital MP3 Player comes with a dimension of  3.70 x 9.00 x 1.00 cm and weighs only37 grams which mean that it can be carried anywhere due to its super lightweight. It is equipped with a 1.8 inches TFT color screen in the front and it can play both music and videos ( videos only for 160 x 128 AMV format). The edges of this device are slightly rounded which gives it a premium appearance. It is currently available in golden colour.

Hardware & Performance

The RUIZU X08 8GB Digital MP3 Player is equipped with top-quality hardware which gives it a near excellent performance.  Its speaker which is lodges at the rear of the player delivers accurate sound quality, beautiful tone,  and smooth performance. Furthermore, it supports support FM radio, recording, TXT e-book, and pictures browsing. You can enjoy 200 hours long music playback on the RUIZU X08 8GB Digital MP3 Player. It has a 3.5mm audio interface with earphone.

Price & Availability

The RUIZU X08 8GB Digital MP3 Player is currently available on Gearbest for $27.11. This device will be shipped for FREE.


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I have been a strong follower of Android devices since the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Right now, Chinese tech completely fascinates me because they are probably the only manufacturers who tries to merge budget and specs.

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